Wednesday, April 26

News Flash: Lagos Computer Village Relocated to Kantangowa.

The most famous ICT Market  in Africa, lkeja Computer Village Lagos where many types of Computer gargates,  Phones,  Laptop,  Television,  Cds etc, has been relocated or moved to ICT park Kantangowa in Agbado.
News Flash: Lagos Computer Village Relocated to Kantangowa.
This recent update was also comfirmed by the Lagos State Government in series of tweets on the relocation.

This is not the first time the Government has made known about the relocation plans-it was first disclosed in 2003.

However given the recent actions by the Lagos State Governor,  it is quite sure or asured that the relocation might take place sooner than expected.

The relocation plans was due to environmental control,  degradation,  housing stock deficit and traffick congestions in the axis of Ikeja. 

The decision of moving the Computer village from Ikeja to Kantangowa is because Kantangowa is bigger than Computer Village in Ikeja,

as the market covers about 26 hecteres of land,  but it's setting is disorganized with most traders dealing on second-hand clothes,  don't get me started on the distance.



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