All the important Informations you need to know about Lagos Computer village

The Computer Village is an Information and Communication Technology (ICT)  accessories market instituted in a geogrephical area called Otiga in Ikeja,  the Capital city of Lagos State, Southwest Nigeria.

The market is the largest ICT accessory market in Africa.

It is a very competitive market,  under the umbrella of Computer and Allied Products Dealerd Association of Nigeria (CAPDA).

All the important Informations you need to know about Lagos Computer village

The market apart from selling of computers and accessories, it also prides itself in the repair of mobile phones and Computers....

many engineers and technicians repairs phones based on either software or hardware,  so the solution to your faulty phones is been handled by them.

Computer village is a wide range of business activities which gives opportunity to Computer engineers and technicians who specializes in the repair of faulty Computer and Mobile phones to transact businesses with dealers of ICT accessory, thier by creating job employment and opportunity to our youths.

The market is a daily open business area except on Sundays and public holidays.

The daily business transactions and popularity has attracted many new investors and ICT dealers across Africa thereby expanding the market size and population with real effects on Lagos State economy.

The ICT accessory and Computer market was formerly located at Ogunlana Drive Surulere in the year 1990 and its current location was a mere resident area and office.

Dur to the population density and other factors affecting the area of its location, the Lagos State Government has planed to relocate it to Kantangowa, with about 3000 traders already trading in it's present Location.

Basic structural characteristics

The market is a Perfect market in which no dealer influences the price of the product it buys or sells within the market.

There are huge number of buyers and sellers in the market coupled with a large number of consumers with willingness to buy the products at a certain price with respect to their need and income.

There is no Barriers to entry and exit from the market, permitting long term adjustments to changing in the market conditions.

  ICT dealers and consumers have perfect knowledge of price, quality of the products and its utility with zero incur cost In course of their transactions.

The market also permit buyers to make rational purchases on the basis of information and price knowledge.


Certain activities in the market had strongly been criticized by good numbers of people across the country whose concerns centered on the conduct of certain unqualified engineers and fraudster who uses the market as a medium to sell counterfeit mobile phones and computer accessories.

There are several stories about stolen phones which often find their ways into the market but these unlawful act are usually perpetrated by unregistered traders and Retailers many of which transact on Cabs, walkways and sometimes with show-glasses as shop.

Although, there are two major categories of traders in the market, the registered and unregistered or free traders who often transact business on cabs and walkways.

The later category of trader is believed to be the perpetrator of major business related crime in the market.

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