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Airtel Awulf 20X Bonus, Recard #100, Get #2000 + 1.5GB for 30days.

Airtel Awulf 20X Bonus, Recard #100, Get #2000 + 1.5GB for 30days.

Airtel 20X Bonus is an amazing offer which Airtel Nigeria is using to bring back it's users who has forgotten and abandoned thier Airtel Sim cards.

This innovative and awesome business strategies or plan will go a long way to bring it users back to the network.

To be qualified for this Airtel 20X Bonus you must be a prepaid customer and you must not have used your line for one month (30Days) which goes to show that the offer is only for abandonees of thier Airtel line,

by been domant for 30days it means you have not called somebody or recieved calls from anybody,

Loaded Airtel credit or borrowed credit, you have not used it to SMS anybody or to browse and sulf the internet for free using VPN apps.

So look within yourself and be sure your sim has been domant for 30days.

Once you are sure of its domancy for 30days which makes you eligible you can move ahead to activate your Preffered bonus from the list below.

  Remember its 20X bonus and valids for 30days.

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How it Works

It works with different Recharge amount, Let say you recharge N100,  you will be given a massive N2000 of which N500 is for your voice calls while N1, 500 goes to data Bundle.

You know you can get Airtel 6GB data with 1,500 Naira,  you can also get 1.5GB for 1000 Naira.

The sequency is followed when Joy recharge N200 you gets bomber 4,000 while N1000 goes to voice calls,  N3000 is for free data bundles,  the process goes on and on.

The higher the amount you recharge,  the higher huge bonus you enjoy. 

Below is the table break down if the list of bonuses and prices.

Recharge N100N200N300N500N1000

BonusN2000N4000N6000N10, 000N20, 000

Voice BonusN500N1000N1500N2, 500N5000

Data BonusN1500N3000N4500N7, 500N15, 000

Validity30days 30days 30days 30days 30days

You can activate the 20X offer by dailing the subscription menu dail *241# and select your Preffered bundle or simply by direct subscription codes as shown below

Nice, Cheap and Legal Airtel Data Subscription you can use now.

How To Activate Airtel 20X Bonus

✔️ For the N100 plan, dial *241*100#

✔️ For the N200 plan, dial *241*200#

✔️ For the N300 plan, dial *241*300#

✔️ For the N500 plan, dial *241*500#

✔️ For N1000 plan, dial *241*1000#

More detailes are shown in the image above:

You will enjoy any of the selected options above for a period of 30 days.

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Yes, you can purchase this offer multiple times within 30 days from the date of first purchase.


Just dial *223# to check your bundle balance.

So how do you see this offer? Do you think Airtel is loosing more customers that it prompted them to splash this kind of unrivaled bonus? Or is it the effect or recession ?

What do you think and do you have any airtel line you abandoned for a month now? Don't miss this golden opportunity! Enjoy while it lasts.    



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