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How To Make Money Online Doing Document Translation Job

How To Make Money Online Doing Document Translation Job

Today l want to write an article on how to make money online doing document translation.

But before that we are going to look at what the person who is translating the document i.e Document Translator means.

What does a document translator do?

The work of document translators is to translate languages from one language to another maybe from english to spanish or french or Africana etc.

This is usually done when a company or business has expanded it sphere globally and needs to communicate with their customers in a language they will understand better or their Native languages.

This companies or businesses uses different methods to communicate with their customers which include emails, help tutorials, product usage guide, written blog content etc.

In other to communicate with different people from around the globe each been communicated to with the language he or she understands.

This companies need to employ multilingual people who will translate this languages to the one their customers understands.

So all a document translator needs is to translate written languages from one language to another just like l have mentioned before maybe from english to french, to spanish, to chinese etc.

Example of a translated documents can be seen on new phone guides.

Where the new phone guides comes in different languages.

The job of translating the languages from one language to another is done by language translators.

How To Make Money Online Doing Document Translation Job

Language translator job is suitable for -

1. For almost all kind of people.

2. And more suitable for people who love to write.

Skills Required for Document Translator job -

1. Being able to write, read and  speak fluently  at least 2 or more languages.

2. Being able to interpret the meaning of different languages with rightful reasoning.

Tips for Document Translator job -

1. You can use your computer, recording handset with internet connection to setup a home office.

This can be used if you wants to do document translator job for conversations and to convert documents live online.

2. The most popular translator jobs are in Japanese, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, and French languages.

So try to learn any of this languages and be fluent in them, it will help you make money online.

How To Get Started on Document Translator Job -

You can start your document translator job by uploading your resume, services and list your rating on

The website contains free online directory of translation and translators jobs.

We have some other great websites which can help you find document translator jobs and it provide translator jobs based on your abilities and document translator expertise they are:

Expected Earnings for document translator job -

Doing document translator job can earn you about $10 -$12 per hour for translating normal documents.

And up to $40 per hour for translating scientific or technical documents content.

Wednesday, April 18

How To Make Money Online Teaching Your Native Language

How To Make Money Online Teaching Your Native Language

Today l wants to write an article on how to make money online Teaching Your Native language.

Be it your own native language or any foreign language you knows well and can teach it effectively to others.

We are in globalized / modernized World where many people would love to learn different foreign languages for different important reasons.


Some people will love to learn foreign languages in other to improve their employment opportunities.

Some love to learn it because they will love to study or live overseas.

Some would learn another language in other to improve their travel experience.

And some to grow their business.

Either of the reasons people learn foreign native languages goes to show that there are huge market of online language learners who are willing to pay for online language coaching.

Your target would be to use to your advantage the huge market of online language learners.

Teach the language learners your native language and make handsome money through it.

You know and can teach your native language how then can you see and get people to sign up for you to teach them?

You can see and get people to sign up to your language coaching job online by registering yourself on iTalki.

What is iTalki?

iTalki is a popular online language learning website whose job is to connect people who needs to learn another language to teachers who are willing to teach them through video chat.

The iTalki websites houses over 3000 teachers  and more than 2 million students who are taught all the World major 100 languages.

The websites gives student the ability to find online language teachers for 1 on 1 tutoring and the teachers makes money inform of freelance tutors.

iTalki was founded and launched in the year 2007 by Kevin Chen, Yongyue Jiang and is located at Shanghai, China.

They cover most of the World languages ranging from:

Teaching Your Native Language on iTalki is Suitable For -

People who can teach others willingly and have the ability to impart good knowledge on them.

Skills Required for Teaching Native Language on iTalki -

1. You must have good writing fluence and good verbal output in any of the particular language you would love to teach others.

2. Must have good knowledge about language syllables and can follow them drastically well.

3. Being able to teach and provide the students the training with step by step process.

How To Get Started on iTalki -

To start your online freelance tutor job, you must first of all visit and fill in your registration processes.

Then create your Teacher profile, Create your language courses and set your online schedules.

After registration then iTalki will list you on their iTalki listings so that potential students from all over the globe can see and view your iTalki profile.

This will help them to determine whether or not they will book you for online lessons.

Here is most of difderent Country languages iTalki covers

  Multilingual,  English,  Chinese (Mandarin),  French,  Spanish,  Portuguese,  German Japanese,  Korean,  Arabic,  Hindi,  Italian,  Russian,  Afrikaans,  Albanian,  American Sign Language (ASL) Etc.

iTalki conducts their online sessions through Skype and some other VOIP softwares.

So make sure your headphone is connected well when giving out lesson sessions and that you have high internet speed connection.

On iTalki all a teacher needs is to focus on his or her teaching while iTalki manages all other arrangements like:

Scheduling, marketing, student management and teacher payments.

How To Make Money Online Teaching Your Native Language

Tips for being successful on iTalki -

1. In iTalki there will be competitions since there are other teachers also teaching or wants to teach on any particular Language you have chosen to teach.

So you need to make your iTalki profile stand out from others by having a strong teacher profile.

2. The number of students who will chose you to teach them on iTalki is dependent on some important factors.

So make sure you optimized them well they are:

Pricing -

At the beginning since you're just starting you have to offer a competitive price for your teaching services.

This will help bring more students and more money.

Then when you have gained high ranking you can be increasing the price gradually to the level you likes it to be constant on.

Profile -

Your profile picture speaks a lot of volume on your personality since is the first thing students will see and access before they can contact you for lesson sessions.

So is important you take a professional photograph on a good lighting background and setup.

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You can upgrade the picture by wearing formal clothes like suits, clean shirt etc.

Please don't just take a regular picture with you mobile phone  camera and upload it on iTalki.

Video Introduction -

On the process of setting up your teachers iTalki profile you will be requested to upload an introductory video.

This is to know if you can really speak fluently the language you have chosen.

And also an opportunity for you to showcase your knowledge and language skills to your potential students.

You should record a very good informative 3-4 minutes professional looking video  explaining to your potential students your teaching abilities, your syllables and other important unique teaching methods you have.

Your aim on the short professional video should be to convince your potential students that  you're an expert on the language and you have a good teaching ability.

Experience -

The experience you have on teaching the language you chose online is important like:

If you have any college degrees or have completed any advanced courses, then showcase them on your profile to increase your chances of being selected by students.

Ratings and Feedbacks -

The rating and feedbacks students gives to you on your services offered to them on iTalki is very important.

So make sure you  helps your learners learn your language quickly and effectively and also offer the best course as good as possible.

How To Make Money Online Teaching Your Native Language

Expected Earnings - 

In iTalki teachers are paid with ITC’s which is an (iTalki credit) and can be withdrawn for real cash using, Alipay, Webmoney, Paypal,  Moneybookersskrill”.

ITCs conversion on iTalki is as follows

10 ITCs is equal to $1

20 ITCs is equal to $2

30 ITCs is equal to $3

40 ITCs is equal to $4

50 ITCs is equal to $5


The money charged on iTalki depends on the expertise, ranting and feedbacks the teacher gets.

Most of the teachers charges between 100 ITCs to 200 ITCs which is ITCs ($10 to $20) per hour.

You can also conduct language tests, add interview preparation modules, kids modules and so on to diversify your market reach and increase income.

The way to make money on iTalki is simple the more students who sign up to your teaching sessions the more money you makes.

Thanks, comment, like and share.

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How To Make Money Online by Developing and Selling Softwares

How To Make Money Online by Developing and Selling Softwares

Software development is a process whereby an individual conceives, specify, design, program, document, test, bug fix, create and maintain applications, frameworks or other software components.

Software development involve the process of writing and maintaining the source code of a software application.

It involve all the process of its creation starting from the conception of a particular software to be developed to its final stage which is manifestation of the software.

How To Make Money Online by Developing and Selling Softwares

Which sometimes involves a planned structure process.

Also software development can include the following research, prototyping, new development, modification, re - engineering, re - use, maintenance, or any other activities involved in software product.

Softwares can be developed for different reasons but they are some main reasons softwares are developed which are:

Custom software: are developed specifically for business/clients need.

Open source software and commercial software: are developed specifically to cater for the need of some potential users.

Mundane task software: which is an automated software developed for personnel use usually written by scientists.

Embedded software: are softwares developed for the purpose of controlling consumers products/services.

Embedded softwares are integrated on the process of their development with the ability to control physical products.

System Software: is a computer software which is developed for the purpose of providing platform for other softwares.

Examples of System softwares are: computational science software, game engines, operating software, softwares as a service applications and industrial automation.

Software development involves many approaches to software project management known as software methodologies, models,  processes or  software development life cycle.

Making Money through Software Development is Suitable For -

People who can conceive and likes to be innovative on technical stuffs.

Skills Required for Software Development -

You must have good knowledge on any programming languages we have.

Time Required For Creating A Software -

The time it requires to create a software depends on the expertise of the software creator and the scope of the software to be developed.

How To Make Money creating  Software (Monetization) -

You can make money creating softwares by creating your own website/blog and promote the software you created on them ( website/blog).

You can also put your created softwares on affiliate marketing websites like:


And also promote the software on other affiliate marketing programs.

Read and share and lets us know other ways we can make money from selling softwares.

Saturday, April 14

How To Make Money Online by Starting Your Own Podcast

How To Make Money Online by Starting Your Own Podcast

A podcast which is also known as  netcast contains or consist of series of different events or parts of digital videos or audios which a user can download and listen to.

Some podcast or netcast are made only available to subscribed users.

Which means they are the only one who can download the podcast inform of episode direct to their computer, mobile apps or portable media players.

Podcast is different from internet radio because podcast are downloadable while internet radios are streamed online.

The name podcast was formally suggested as a portmanteau of “iPod” (a type of media player) by Hammersley.

The podcast comes inform of audio but sometimes comes in different formats like: EPUB or PDF.

How To Make Money Online by Starting Your Own Podcast

They can also come in video formats which are called vodcasts or video podcasts.

The audio, video or other podcast formats on web feed can be downloaded online through the internet using an application called podcatcher which can access the web feed, checks the web feed for updates and download any new files in the series on a computer or media player.

The podcast videos or audios can be downloaded automatically.

There are many different mobile applications available for people to use to subscribe and to listen to podcasts.

Podcast gives users the ability to skip around different podcast features, control the playback speed, can stream them on demand instead of downloading them and are also made available offline, which is stored locally on user's device.

Making money through Podcast Suitable For -

People who loves to explain things in detail and likes to talk.

Skills Required for Starting a Podcast -

1. You must have good knowledge on the topic your interested to start your own podcast on.

2. Being able to convince and persuade people with good logical reasoning.

Time Required For Creating A Podcast -

To create a podcast there are three different and important steps you must complete which are:

1. Prepare a script: the script you will prepare is to determine what the content of your podcast will be all about.

This will help you to create important outline to keep track on what your going to promote or discuss.

2. Record audio for your podcast.

3. Upload your recorded podcast on your personal website on iTunes.  

How To Make Money on Podcast (Monetization) -

You can make money from your podcast by allowing companies, brands, organizations to buy ad times.

You can also sell your podcast on website like Patreon, they provides content to podcast listeners for a fee and also provides special extras.

Podcasting is like a horizontal media which goes thus:

producers are called consumers, while consumers can become producers.

And both producers and consumers can engage in conversations with each other.

Friday, April 13

How To Make Money Online by Joining Legit Survey Panel websites

How To Make Money Online by Joining Legit Survey Panel websites

Today am going to write a simple article, but an effective way of making money online by Joining Survey Panels.

But first let's look at what Survey Panels means.

How To Make Money Online by Joining Legit Survey Panel websites

So what's Survey Panels -

Survey Panels is a process whereby companies, brands or organizations mostly market research companies, brands or organizations run a survey in other to collect datas / informations from users and use it for their marketing purposes, product development or use it for their own research.

To make money with survey panels all you need do is to sign-up to their websites which will be listed down on this article.

When you sign-up they will send a confirmation message direct to your email inbox which you will need to use to confirm that the email you registered with is yours.

The survey jobs you will do will mostly be questions related to products and services.

What you need to do is to try and complete the survey within the stipulated time.

In some other times they may ask questions related to your personal life style like:

where you attended your primary school, the city where you grow up from, you nickname, how many times you visits a sport center in a month etc.

The surveys can be finished from anything like 1 - 30 minutes.

Joining Survey Panels is Suitable For -

People who likes to answer questions and through it give out their opinion on a particular matter.

Skills Required -

Being able to answer questions and give out your honest opinion.

Time Required For Starting Paid Survey -

You can start making money with survey panels as soon as you have signed up to their website from the below leading paid survey panels.




How To Make Money on Survey Panels (Monetization) -

1. Most of the survey panels will pay you in form of free mobile recharges, Amazon gift cards, movie tickets,  food coupons etc and the amount is mostly from $1 to $10 per survey completed.

2. Finally the more survey you completes on survey panel websites the more money you makes.