How To Make Money Online Being A Travel Writer

How To Make Money Online Being A Travel Writer

Many people loves to travel moving from one town to another, one state to another or from one country to another.

But while doing this travels they just do it for fun without knowing one can make money online while enjoying what he or she loves doing.

While doing your travels you can compile your beautiful travel experiences on a beautifully written articles.

Then you can use this beautiful articles to become a travel writer and make money from it online.

How To Make Money Online Being A Travel Writer

Some travel magazines and websites don't require you to be an active traveller and they also needs frequent fresh articles for their websites or magazine regular updates.

You can use your past travel experience also to write articles and make money from it.

So without much talk let's look at the travel websites we have and most of them will pay you $30 - $50 for each travel article you writes for them.

1. Matador Network:

Is a marketplace which was created 2007, working and collaborating with thousands of filmmakers, photographers, writers etc.

They always need original travel experience and photos.

They also offer other paying job opportunities like projects collaboration, interviews, photo editing etc.

They pay around $40 USD for each travel article you writes for them, when the article is accepted.

You can sign up at Matador Network

2. Travelista Club:

Travelista Club works by employing people around the globe inform of freelancer travel writers.

In Travelista Club you don't need to be travelling always but you can simply start by writing travelling guide about the place you live.

They also offer free professional training courses when you signs up where you will be able to learn all the required skills to be an expert on freelancer writing.

Join Travelista Club and earn $40 USD per 1000 words you submits to them, when the article is accepted.

3. Go World Travel:

Go World Travel accepts articles from both experienced journalists to first-time travel article writers.

Go World Travel always requires its writers to always write unique articles, visiting their website will give you guide line on their writing styles and the areas they have covered already.

Their writing requirements are based on some specific topics like how to local customs, how to reach a destination, exciting areas to visit nearby, markets, where to get foods etc.

You can always write your articles using real time photographs to make you articles more eye attracting.

Sign up at Go World TravelThey Pays $30 - $40 USD per 1600 words when you article is accepted.

4. The Expeditioner

The Expeditioner has some basic guidelines for submitting articles to them.

√: They loves unique articles with people who have had great travelling experience and would love to share it with the World.

√: They love articles that are inspiring for future travellers, informative, exciting and also love first person narratives.

√: Your article must contain original, relevant photographs, with links linking to this photos stored on Flickr

√: The article should be written in American English with proofreading.

Sign up at The ExpeditionerThey pay $30 USD per article with 1200 words or more than.
When the article is accepted.

5: Wanderful

Wanderful users are mainly women between 25 - 40 years of age, as such they always need articles that are engaging, inspiring, and community oriented and are related to women and travel.

For your articles to be easily accepted on Wanderful make sure they are made up of the following categories like:

√ Global issues related to women

√ Destination and itineraries

√ Travel tips

√ Important women to watch

Sign up at Wanderful

They pays $50 USD per article from 750 - 2500 words when your article is accepted.

How To Make Huge Money Online Selling PLR Licensed Products

How To Make Huge Money Online Selling PLR Licensed Products

What is a PLR?

PLR stands for Private Label Rights.

What's Private Label Rights?

Private Label Right is a License giving to purchaser of a product by the product creator.

In Private Label Rights when someone purchases a product the person who created the product gives the buyer all the right to do anything with the product he or she purchased.

When the right of any product is giving to you after buying it you can be able to claim the purchased product as your own, change its graphics, words, putin your name as the product creator, edit it into many segments etc.

This means you are free to do whatever you likes with the product.

The best part of PLR is that some products can be resold at any price you likes, as it provides great return in investment as you only needs to invest once while buying the product and its PLR License.

Then you can sell the product to as many people as possible without sharing the profits you makes from it with the product original creator.

How To Make Huge Money Online Selling PLR Products

Uses of PLR License.

The PLR License can be used on various digital products like ebooks, articles, graphics template, softwares etc.

For instance: let’s say you  invested  $50 for buying  an eBook  and its PLR license.

You sold  200  copies of that  eBook at the price of $70 then your  pure  profit will be $1400  -  $50 = $1350.

So PLR gives you great opportunities to make money quickly without putting in the effort and time required to create a good product from the scratch.

Where you can buy products with PLR license?

There are many online  marketplaces  from where you can get  PLR  products.

Below are the list of few reputed PLR websites:




How To Make Money On PLR (Monetization) -

√ Offer paid membership courses: you can break your products into different logical parts or segments and load them into  autoresponder.

Offer paid  membership and  charge around  $15 -  $30  per  month.

When someone  joins  your  membership  your autoresponder  will automatically  send them to your  subscribers on a weekly  or  monthly basis.  

√√ Create your own product: you can learn about the product you bought and use it to create your own product you can make huge money selling your own products.

√√√ Build your email list: Offer any PLR report or eBook as a lead magnet to your website visitors in exchange for their email address.

Once you have a reasonable email list you can then promote affiliate offers  to your subscribers and earn  big  affiliate commissions.

√√√√ Create a blog: You can divide  PLR  products into multiple parts and create  articles  from them.

You can  use  these  articles to grow your blog  and earn money from  ads and affiliate  product promotion.

How To Make Huge Money Online Buying and Selling Domain Names

How To Make Huge Money Online Buying and Selling Domain Names

Today l want us to look into how to make money online buying and selling domain names.

Its some days now that new post has not been published, its not intentional but l have to source for posts to write on and also make sure this posts are genuine and carries correct vital informations.

Beside this new week so how was your weekends my loyal readers? Mine was great and I wish yours was too.

Going back to the topic of today it's not going to be a long post but it carries raw information that can help you make money online.

First whats Domain name?

A Domain name is simply a website address that you inputs into the address bar of a phone or computer browser for instance (,, etc this are all domain names.

You may be wondering how come you can make money online selling this domain names.

The koko on this method of making money online is for you to find and register a domain that has  commercial  value which can possibly grow in demand in near future.

How To Make Huge Money Online Buying and Selling Domain Names

For example,, etc.

When you finds a domain name with commercial value how then can you register them?

The registration of domain names are cheap and simple.

For you to register domain name in web hosting website like it will cost you just $2.

Then after registering it (the domain name) you have to list the domain for sale on domain selliñg website like with higher offer or price.

Let look a bit little into what means. is a great marketplace for buying or selling domains online.

Which means on you can sale you already existing domain or you can buy new brand one.

But on my future post we will talk more on how to make money with sedo.

With this simple but effective technique you can  possibly make hundreds of thousands or million dollars by just buying domains and selling it back.

In 2013 a startup  housing company bought “” domain  name from its current owner for  $1  Million.

If they can you too can do better.

Great Ways You Can Make Money Online Writing Poetries

Great Ways You Can Make Money Online Writing Poetries

Many people write poems maybe just for fun or because they have the talent but don't make money doing that.

Today l want to show you on this article how to write poetries as fun or your inherent talent and still make handsome money doing that.

Though the opportunity of making money online writing poetries is not that vast.

But there are still great ways you can make money online using your passion for writing poems.

This opportunities will be listed down within the contest of this post below which you can use to earn handsome living.

Without too much talk talk let's look at:

Great Ways You Can Make Money Online Writing Poetries

Ways you can make money online writing poetries.

The websites I will list below will pay you handsomely for each piece of poem you writes and submits to them.

If the poem is accepted or if it reached their approval status then you will be paid.

The lists are:

The Sun Magazine

Will pay you $100-$250 for each poem you writes for them.

To register for this awesome offer follow this link Sun Magazine poetry submission.

Poetry Foundation

Poetry Foundation will pay you  $10 per  line  with a  minimum  payment  of $300

Submit your poem at Poetry Foundation

Crazy Horse
Will pay  $20  -  $200 per poem
Follow this link to submit you poem at Crazy Horse poetry submission.

Rattle pays its publishers $50 per poem.

Submit your poem at Rattle poem submission.

Boulevard Magazine
Boulevard Magazine pays poetry publisher  $25 - $250 per poem.

Submit your poem at Boulevard Magazine

Threepenny Review
Threepenny Review pays $200 per poem submitted.

Submit your poem at Threepenny Review.

Alaska Quarterly Review
Alaska Quarterly Review pays its publishers  $10  -  $50 per poem.

Follow this link Alaska Quarterly Review to submit you own poem.

Chicken Soup For The Soul
Chicken Soup For The Soul pays $200 per poem.

Submit your poem at Chicken Soup For The Soul

Arc Poetry Magazine
Arc Poetry Magazine pays $50 per page of the poem submitted.

Follow here to submit your own poem at Arc Poetry Magazine

Slice Magazine
Slice Magazine pays $75 per poem.

Submit poem at Slice Magazine.

VQR Online
VQR Online pays publishers $200 per poem submitted.

Follow this link to submit your poem at VQR Online.

New Myths
New Myths pays $30 per poem.

Submit your poem at New Myths.

Dreams And Nightmares
Dreams And Nightmares pays $12 per poem.
Submit your poem at Dreams And Nightmares.

Leading Edge Magazine
Leading Edge Magazine pays  $5 - $20 Per Poem.

Submit your poem at Leading Edge Magazine.

Goblin Fruit
Goblin Fruit pays $15 per poem.

Submit your poem at Goblin Fruit.

This 15 websites that can help you make handsome money online I listed above are all genuine and legit.

So if you have the passion, talent, knowledge etc of writing poetries why not convert this talent, knowledge or passion into wealth by writing and submitting your poetries on the websites above.

I hope this post helps you out because that's the core purpose of writing it and if it really did why not share it with friends to learn too and also if their other ways of making money online writing poetries you can list them on the comment box below.

How To Make Money Online by Installing Research Apps

How To Make Money Online by Installing Research Apps

Do you know you can get paid for installing research applications on your phone?

The answer is YES and wetin the content of this post am going to show you how to make money installing research apps on your Smartphone.

Some companies like MobileXpression, Nielsen and some other market research companies frequently collects data on popular apps, web trends, website etc.

In other to achieve this combusome work they may need regular people to share this datas and informations with them.

How To Make Money Online by Installing Research Apps

How it works

First you need to install mobile apps of this market research companies on your smartphone.

Then at the end of every month you will be paid by them just to keep their app installed on your smartphone.

This market research apps you installed on your smartphone will be collecting normal activities and data  from your smartphone and send feedbacks to the company that  owns the app in anonymous and encrypted manner without the app affecting your battery life or smartphone performance.

Let's look at the research app recommended for you to install.

√  Nielsen  Mobile  App

Nielsen company will pay you $50 or more yearly in other for you to install and retain their app on your phone.
To begin making money with Nielsen then you must first visit their website and sign up for an account.

On the process of your registration you'll be asked some basic questions to know more about you like:

Your  household,  and the  devices  you use.

Install the App

Then you will be instructed to download their safe and secure  Nielsen  App to all of your  registered  devices.

After the installation you will need to restart your smartphone.

It is  noninvasive  and won't  impact your device  performance.

After this your work is over the app will do the remaining work by collecting datas and sending feedbacks to Nielsen company.

Earn Rewards

After  you've  installed  the app, you get rewarded  just for using the  Internet as you do  today!

MobileXpression Panel App

MobileXpression is just like Nielsen; you'll have to register yourself on MobileXpression registration panel

After the registration then download their app, the app will run on the background of your smartphone collecting important, relevant datas and sends feedback to MobileXpression automatically without affecting your device performance.

One great thing with MobileXpression company is that you can play instant reward games.

Where you're guaranteed to win a price after one week of installing their app on your smartphone.

They offer rewards in form of iPads, TVs, Amazon gift cards etc.

Placed Panel App

Panel app works by rewarding you points each month for installing and keeping their app on your smartphone.

This points can be redeemed for different prizes.

They also offer survey offers which you can use to increase your points.

Just like in other research company apps Panel app will  anonymously  receive and collect datas about your device  usage, apps installed, location, web  pages you visits etc.

Without intruding or monitoring your personal informations like phone calls, text messages etc.

Register here on Panel App

√ Cross Media Panel App

Cross Media Panel App is been operated by Google this app helps Google to understand mobile and web usage in a better way.

Visit  Cross Media Panel to register for an account using your email id and then install the  app on your smartphone or browser extension.

On the installation of their app you will instantly earn up to  $6  in  reward and additional $3/weekly for regularly  using  your device.

The threshold for payment is $25 which can be redeemed in form of gift cards from a different retailers like Amazon, Walmart, Starbucks, Best Buy, etc.

In conclusion -

The money you will make from installing the apps above is not much, but the money earned from it is just got effortlessly.

All of us use  smartphones  so why not install these  apps  and  earn  some extra bucks for  sponsoring  our holiday  gifts?

Where You Can Download HTML Colour Codes For Use on Your Website

Where You Can Download HTML Colour Codes For Use on Your Website

We have different colors or colours which is so vast that one can not figure out the exact colour you may be talking about or you wants to use on websites.

Which brought about the representation of this colours with a number code which is called HTML Colour Code.

The colors are  represented by various  color  models, such as  hexadecimal,  RGB,  HSL, etc.

This colour codes has general global code number which is represented with both Numbers and Alphabets.

So HTML colour code can be defined as code number which we use to add different colours to our site.

Where You Can Download HTML Colour Codes For Use on Your Website

Assuming you wants to add any colour to your website all you need to do is to know the colour code which the number is represented with.

add animated moving text on blog/blogger


White is FFFFFF

Snow is FFFAFA

Honeydew isF0FFF0

Dark Gray is A9A9A9

Dark Grey is A9A9A9

Gray is 808080

DarkSlateGray is 2F4F4F

Black is 000000

This just but a few number codes l selected to give you example of what HTML colour codes is all about.

So any time you wants to use any colour on your HTML area of your website just check the colour code number and it will be easier for you to located the colour you're looking for.

You can even go further than just knowing only the colour codes but also knowing how to use them on our website here: Learn how to use HTML colour codes on site html and css area.

For changing of our background colour, text colour, header colour, popular post header colour etc