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How to report hacked Facebook account to facebook admins to either recover or shut down the facebook account.

How to report hacked Facebook account to facebook admins to either recover or shut down the facebook account.

In this article l want to write about a delicate issue which has taken over the social media World.

The way our accounts are been hacked and used by people we don't even know and most of the times they use it to do some dirty jobs which dents our image if you don't take important and immediate action to either recover the account or shut it down permanently.

How to report hacked Facebook account to facebook admins to either recover or shut down the account.

Today l want to write on how to report a hacked or compromised Facebook account to Facebook Adims so that it can either be shut down or recovered (l mean the hacked Facebook account).

I have seen some Facebook accounts been hacked and at the end the main owner of the Facebook account loses it to the hacker,

at the end the only power he or she (owner of the Facebook account)  has is to open another account and from it write post telling people my Facebook account has been hacked, be cared so that you don't get duped and so on and so forth.

Facebook Adims knowing quite well that something like this could and can happen at anytime has also profaned solutions to tackle it when they occur,

But they only problem is that maybe the owner of the hacked Facebook account may not know the necessary steps or action he or she should take in other to recover or shut down the hacked Facebook account.

So let's look at how to report your account to Facebook admins when it's been compromised so they can take necessary steps to help you out.

For you to report your hacked Facebook account you have to visit the Facebook help center or this one report compromised Facebook account any of them will help you recover or shut down your hacked facebook account

Hacked Accounts
My Account
I think my account was hacked or someone is using it without my permission.
I think my account was hacked or someone is using it without my permission.
How do I deal with Facebook spam?
How do I deal with Facebook spam?
My Facebook account was hacked and used to make purchases on apps.
What to do if you don't recognize activity on your advertising Facebook account
If is your friends Facebook account that was hacked then follow this steps either.

With this option you can help your friend to recover his or her Facebook account by using your own account to recover or close the hacked account.

My Friend's Account
My friend’s Facebook account is sending out spam.
I think my Facebook friend’s account was hacked.
How do I report a Facebook account for impersonation?
If is your Facebook page follow this one.

I think my Facebook Page was hacked or taken over by someone else.

Click on any other the options above will take you to another option follow the prompt option which will guide you on how to go about the account recovery.

How to report hacked Facebook account to facebook admins to either recover or shut down the account.

Click on any of the options from the picture above and follow the option that will come up next.

It's easy procedure to follow but incase you find out any difficulty you can let me know through the comment section and l will put you through. 

Friday, February 9

Make money online/blogging using Affiliate Marketing Programs

Make money online/blogging using Affiliate Marketing Programs

Before l will go into Affiliate Marketing l would first of all like to explain what Affiliation Marketing means.

So what's Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is a type performance based marketing  in which a company or organization pays or rewards one or more Affiliates  for the each of any visitors or customers brought by affiliate’s own marketing effort.

Explaining this for better understanding of it in a simple terms it means Affiliate Marketing is a process  by which one or more people get paid for the products and services they sale marketing Merchants products and services by driving traffic from their own blog to the Organization is affiliated to.

We have many Affiliate Marketing platforms / Organizations which one can join and make huge money through it.

Apart from making money from Google Adsense and other ad networks,

Affiliate Marketing is another sure way of boosting your revenue and income every month.

Because before you can make much money from Google Adsense you have to have huge visitors to your blog,

but when you build a strong fan base and loyal readers who are sure of the product and services you offer and trust them,

then you can get sales and be paid for it for each products you visitors buys from any of your Affiliate Company.

( Affiliate Marketing is the process of getting commissions for selling other peoples product and services, assuming you used a product and you like it, you can also recommend this product to your blog readers by writing about this products and you will get some commision if any of your readers buys this product ).

Make money online/blogging using Affiliate Marketing Programs

How to join Affiliate Marketing programs.

Before you can join any Affiliate Marketing program from your blog you have to register by submitting your website to the Affiliate Marketing website you wants to join,

them in turn will review your blog to see if it reaches their acceptance requirements,

you can be approved or disapproved depending on what their requirements is.

Affiliate Marketing is a very lucrative way to make money blogging,

it take little time to be near perfect to it but it's worth the time, one don't have to depend on one source of income when he or she owns a blog you have to try and experiment with many Monetizing process this way you will be getting lots of income from different ways.

Is good to use Affiliate Marketing on your blog weather is large or small it pays with time dur many blogger don't like going into it because it requires little work and research to make sure the products and services you're writing about are clearly detailed and justify the demand for the product in the market.

Their are Parties that are involved in Affiliate Marketing let's look closely on them.

For Affiliate Marketing to be complete there are four parties that makes it up, they are

  1. Merchant
  2. Publisher,
  3. Customers and
  4. Affiliate Network

This four mentioned parties are the cream and juice of Affiliate Marketing so let's look closely on them.

Starting from 1 which is

Merchant (retailer / brand /Advertiser):

So who's a Merchant? A Merchant is the producer, maker or creator of the product and services you promote, who can also be called retailer, brand or Advertiser.

In other words if you create your own products and services which you sell  then you too your a Merchant

Publisher (affiliate / associate): Someone who promotes other peoples product and in return gets commission on the selled product is called a Publisher.

We as Blogger we sell other people's products and services through our blogs so we are called Publishers.

Publishers can also be called affiliate or associates.

Third one is

Customer (blog reader): your blog reader who are see the product and services you promotes and buys it is your customer.

Affiliate Network: the forth which is Affiliate Network is the marketplace where Merchants gives and offers publishers opportunity to be an affiliate to their products and services.

Which is made possible as a publisher by signing into the marketplace you wants to promote their products.

They are the party that handle and manages payment between  both Merchants and Publishers, dur they are not the main or essential part of affiliate marketing.

For one to be an affiliate marketing he or she must choose one from this four l have mentioned above.

As a Blogger we prefer the publisher (affiliate).

So with this explanations let's look at how Affiliate Marketing works?

I believe you must have gotten the clue of work Affiliate Marketing is all about summarizing it altogether l would say a Merchant runs an affiliate programme for their product and services,

then you as a Publisher signs up for their Affiliate marketing program and promotes their product through your blog or any other medium and in return gets commission for every successful sell you made.

For example:

Bluehost offers an affiliate programme for their web hosting service.

And they have their own affiliate program which you can join and promote their services through your blog and gets commission when your customers buys their service through your affiliate link.

You can also join infolinks ad program which runs ad on your blog, you can make money through their website by places ads on your blog and also by referring publishers.

We have many other Affiliate Marketing programs like:

Chitika ad program

Click on this banner to join Chitika ad network

Make money online/blogging using Affiliate Marketing Programs

Some main terminologies used in affiliate marketing are:

  1. Affiliate Programme
  2. Affiliate Link
  3. Affiliate ID
  4. Link Cloaking
  5. Affiliate Marketplace
  6. Affiliate Products/Services
  7. Banner AD
  8. Contextual Link
  9. Commission

To further understand the meaning and what Affiliate Marketing is we have to look into this Affiliate terms.

1. Affiliate Programme: this the program established by merchant to help you run an affiliate.

You have to sign into the affiliate program for you to join and promote their products or Services.

2.  Affiliate Link: this a unique code given to a publisher by the merchant with which you can promote their product/services by placing the link to area where you wants to promote it either in your blog or any other medium.

This Affiliate Link is what the Marchant use to track and monitor you affiliate to know the number of sales you make and the commission you will get in return.

3. Affiliate ID: this another important term in affiliate marketing this ID is been given to you by your Affiliate Merchant to track your sales and calculate your commission.

Some Merchants gives unique ID for you to use to promote their products or services.

4. Link Cloaking: when you sign-in into any affiliate program you will be given their affiliate link to promote their products/services.

This link is made up of numbers / or special characters which makes it to appear ugly but to beautify this ugly link then you have to cloak it
You can achieve this aim by using ThirstyAffiliates WordPress plugin for your  link cloaking.

Link cloaking is also important for avoiding and preventing the hacking or hijacking of your Affiliate commissions.

4. Affiliate Marketplace: is like the middle man that helps to connect Merchants with Publishers, which is also called Affiliate network.

Most of the popular Marketplace are

Amazon Associate , ShareAsale, CJ Affiliate etc.

Affiliate Products/Services: this the product you promotes through your blog when you have joined an affiliate programme.

This products can be promoted by using banner ads or text links on your blog

Banner Ad: this a graphical ad which you use to promote any product/services your affiliated to on your blog.

The codes for this banner ads are given to you by the Merchants, all you need do is to copy the codes and paste on your own blog.

Contextual Link: contextual link is a text link which you place on your blog to promote a product/services.

Commission: is the reward you get from your Merchants when a customer buys any of the product/services your promoting through your displayed banner ads or text link.

This reward or payment is called Affiliate Commision.

How to use Affiliate Marketing as a Blogger.

There are two ways we can use Affiliate Marketing as a Blogger.

  1. As an Advertiser
  2. As an Publisher

To join an Advertiser in Affiliate marketing means you have your own product/services you sell.

While Publishers are Bloggers who don't have any product/services of their own to sell but they promote others merchants product and gets commissions.

As a newbie in blogging it preferable to join Publishers, then when you created your own product and services then you can join Advertises Affiliate marketing.

How to come to be an affiliate?

first, you need to find a product to sell. once you find a product, look for if they have any affiliate application for that product.

in case you found an affiliate programme for the product, sign on for the associate programme. now not all affiliate programme will let you join.

Once you accepted into the associate programme, you'll be given an affiliate hyperlink and/or banner advert code to sell the product.

the following step is to link the product web page into your blog through the usage of an affiliate links and/or displaying the banner ad on your blog.

Can you operate affiliate/associate advertising with others monetizing networks like Adsense?

yes, you can use affiliate advertising with Adsense to monetize your own blog.

My Conclusion:

Is not good to be making money blogging from one single stream of income, since it will limit your earning potential.

Is better to use many monetizing methods to earn money on your blog

As a newbie joining Affiliate Marketing need little work but l know with time you will get convenient with it and get to love it too and most importantly make money through it. 

Saturday, January 27

How to know the Android Logo of your Android Smartphone

How to know the Android Logo of your Android Smartphone

I want to show you a trick on Android device with this trick you would be able to see and know the Android LOGO of your phone and from their too you can also play Android game version of your phone that you don't know exists on your phone.

Many Android user dn't know about this trick which allows you to see your Android phone LOGO.

All Android phones have version and system software they operate with which is represented also with a logo of the company that manufactured your phone.

Like they use to say if you're not shown or if a secret is not revealed it won't be known, that's why knowledge is power.

So without wasting your time on this let's look at how to see the Android logo of your Android phone and also play game on it, due l have been finding the game on my own Android phone hard to play, but possibly l know their people who can still tidy the game wella.

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So let's see how to display the Android version logo of your phone


From your Android Smartphone go to

Step one > Enter ‘Settings
Step two > Click ‘About phone’
Step three > Click the ‘Android version’ many times and your Android logo version will automatically be displayed on your Android phone screen.

how to knwo your Android logo version

Your Android Smartphone will display your current logo version this way.

how to knwo your Android logo version

To play the Android game click on the logo many times then press it without removing your hand, the game will appear automatically on your phone screen from their you play it.

The trick is easy and simple way to find out your Android phone version, the purpose of the writeup is to get you informed about it and just like it said no knowledge is a waste and with this you can know your Android phone version and also know the logo that represents them
Check yours and let us know if it work out on your own Android Smartphone.

Sunday, January 21

Download YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc videos with ease using InsTube App

Download YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc videos with ease using InsTube App

Download YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc videos with ease using InsTube

l want to also show you another app that you can use to download YouTube videos, Facebook videos, Twitter videos, SoundCloud videos, Instagram videos etc.

By default you can't download videos from the websites l mentioned above but thanks to app developers who has been finding ways to make things easier for us all,

by developing apps that can help us bypass those restrictions and barriers, and give us the ability to download this videos.

The app am writing about today is called InsTube App which you can use to download videos on your Phone or PC with ease.

How to download videos with InsTube app

Open the InsTube App

1.  After downloading the app open it let's use YouTube as an example here then enter the video you wants to download to look through it, click on the particular video you wants to download.

Download YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc videos with ease using InsTube

Download Video

2. When you click on the video you wants to download, you can watch it from InsTube their or proceed to download it immediately by tapping on the red download button at the bottom right hand corner of the app screen.

Download YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc videos with ease using InsTube
Choose the Format you like

3. This the section where you would choose the video format you like, eg. MP4, M4A, 3GP, MP3 and it will also show you the network conditions and sizes of the following formats just to let you know the how they work.

Download YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc videos with ease using InsTube

       Download Finished

4. To see the video(s) you have downloaded click on the arrow pointing down from the top right hand side of the InsTube app and the video(s) will show up on your file list, then tap on the green play button to play or watch it.

Download YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc videos with ease using InsTube

How to download YouTube videos directly from your YouTube app.

The InsTube app also comes with the ability of downloading videos directly from the YouTube app that's one of the features that makes it stand out from other video downloading apps.


1. Open your YouTube app and search for the video you wants to download and click on it

2. When the video is open tap on the share button at the bottom of the video you're about to download is after the like and unlike button the next arrow is the share button click on it and it will take you to InsTube app.

Download YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc videos with ease using InsTube
Then it will take you to the section where you can move to InsTube app from the pix below that's how it looks like,from herr you can share the video to InsTube and download it from there.

Download YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc videos with ease using InsTube

3. Choose the video format you wants MP4, MP3, MPA etc and click on Fast download the video download will begin.

4. When the video finishes downloading click on the arrow pointing down from the top right hand corner of the InsTube app and the downloaded videos will show up from their you can watch it.

Where to download InsTube from

You can download InsTube app from this link and enjoy your video downloads.