How To Reduce Your Blog/Website Bounce Rate And Increase Traffic

How To Reduce Your Blog/Website Bounce Rate And Increase Traffic

Traffic is the backbone of every blog/website.

It's a basic need for every blogger.

Most blogger drives high organic traffic to their blog but they have a high bounce rate.

Site high bounce rate can be caused by some known avoidable factors.

Like targeted keywords, blog design, blog navigation, interlinks etc.

This above-mentioned issues can cause your blog to have a high bounce rate if not well tackled.

By high bounce rate in this contest, I mean for instance when a blog visitor visits a post on your blog and he or she leaves your post without moving to other posts.

Having many of this kind of visitors who leaves immediately after reading a post will make your blog have a high bounce rate.

But in this article, we will tackle the issue of high bounce rate.

But first, let's see the definition of bounce rate.

How To Reduce Your Blog/Website Bounce Rate And Increase Traffic

Blog Bounce Rate:

Blog bounce rate is the rate of action of your blog visitors after landing on a post on your blog.

When your blog user moves to other posts, label, tags, navigation menu and look for other things without leaving your blog immediately.

These means your blog has a low bounce rate and high click rate.

But if your users leave your blog immediately after reading the post they came for these means your blog has a high bounce rate and low click-through rate.

To check your bounce rate you have to use the Google Analytics tool if you have installed it.

How to increase your click-through rate and reduce bounce rate.

1: Blog loading time and design.

Loading time of your blog and its design have much effect on the bounce rate your blog.

If the time at which your site loads is high then users will be reluctant to move to other posts.

But if it loads fast enough your users can easily and freely explore other things on your website.

The design of your website is also very important for your visitors.

Because as an adage says “the eye feeds first before the mouth”.

Ensure you have a good navigation menu, using the right keywords on it.

To reduce your website load time you should avoid using too many scripts because it increases blog loading time.

2: Internal links and external links.

Internal links help your blog visitors to easily navigate from one post to another.

While external links take them to other blogs/websites you have referred to.

So to reduce the bounce rate on external links makes them open in new tabs.

Because when they open in the same tab, their maybe possibilities that the visitor will not come back to your blog again.

These links helps to force your visitors to stick to your blog.

So in other to help your users move freely around your blog, you have to include links to your posts with keywords on them.

3: Fresh Content:

As blog traffic is important to all bloggers so also is fresh contents.

A blog is supposed to be updated regularly.

Search engines and humans like fresh interesting contents.

When you write your posts make sure you add headings, attractive images and use simple language.


It's very important that you make your blog

√ Responsive design.

√ User-friendly.

√ Add recommended content widgets.

√ Avoid too many external links.

√ Avoid pop-up ads

√ Fix 404 page not
found error.

Easy way to create a Google Gmail Account

Easy way to create a Google Gmail Account

Many people don't know how to create Gmail account on their own.

But in this article, I will be teaching you how to easily create your Gmail account with ease.

Google Gmail account is very important for many things like accessing some Google products and services like Gmail, Google Play Store,  Google+, creating a YouTube channel and uploading of videos etc.

Owning a Google Gmail account is very necessary because it can be used for doing a variety of important things.

But we still have other Google products and services which do not require you to have a Gmail account before you can run them.

Easy way to create a Google Gmail Account

They are Google Books, Google maps, etc.

How to create a google account.

Follow below steps to create your Google Gmail account.

Note: that Google account is the same thing as Gmail account so if you already have a Google account then log in with your credentials which is username and password.

If you don't have one proceed with below steps.

Step 1:

The steps we will use to create a Google Gmail account in this article will be straight and simple.

Go to the Google Gmail account creation page from your browser.

When you click on it a new page will open, fill in the necessary pieces of information.

Like your first and Last name, Username (your username will also be your Gmail account address), create your password and retype it to confirm its correct.

Then click the Next button and fill in other necessary pieces of information.

Leave "Your current email address blank" as this is your first time creating an account.

Step 2:

When you click on next button you will be taken to Google Gmail terms of services and privacy policy.

Check the box if you agree.

And proceed, your Google Gmail account is created.

When you create Gmail account your Google+ (Google Plus) account will be automatically created.

Step 3:

On the next page, click on Add a Photo to add a profile picture to your Google+ account or click next to do that next time.

You can follow me and I will follow you back on Google+.

How to create a Google Gmail address on Android Smartphone.

To create your Google Gmail account on your Android devices follow below process.

Go to your phone Setting Menu >>> on Personal >>> click Accounts >>> click Add New.

Tap Google, a sign in page will appear, click on Create New Account.

Fill your first and last name. Hit next.

Putin your username which is also your Gmail address. Tap next.

Fill other pieces of information.

Finally, agree to the Google terms of service.

Your Google Gmail account is created and set up on your android phone.

You have successfully created your Google Gmail account, if you have any question use the comment box below.


How I verified my Google AdSense PIN with my International Passport.

How I verified my Google AdSense PIN with my International Passport.

It's a great feeling when you receive that email from Google AdSense congratulating you on your blog/website been fully approved by Google AdSense team.

Like me, I applied for Google AdSense for my blog, and up to 6 months I was waiting for my blog to be fully approved then on Jan 8, 2018.

How to verify Google AdSense with international passport

I got that all amazing message from AdSense saying Congratulations your account has been fully approved.

How I verified my AdSense PIN with my International Passport.

I was very happy that day and the days that followed.

It's such a great feeling to know that your blog site will be showing ADs from the mighty AdSense.

But another issue chipped in, the issue of verifying my address.

AdSense will send you a mail, the mail contains PIN numbers that you will use to verify your address.

But this email hardly gets delivered to some areas of a country.

I checked and checked, waited and waited for my mail so I can verify my address but I did not receive it.

I request for verification mail for more than 5 occasions but still no mail coming forth.

But one day I got a message that arose all the shock senses in me.

Your ads will stop showing in 7 days if you do not verify your AdSense address.

Then I knew something have to be done and done fast to avoid the story that touches the heart.

What I did first was to send a feedback message to AdSense that I have applied for pin verification code for more than 5 occasions but I did not receive my pin.

So after a few days, I got a reply message that my code verification will be extended to three months and I was very much happy again.

How I verified my AdSense PIN with my International Passport.

With this new message, I had to look for other ways to verify the AdSense code before the three months grace runs out.

And upon my research, I got the information that AdSense pin verification can be done with.

  1. Aadhar Card
  2. Voter Card
  3. Driving License
  4. International Passport etc.

But you can only use this method when you have applied for a pin three times.

How I verified my AdSense PIN with my International Passport.

When your blog site is approved to show AdSense ad, you have to wait for your earning to reach the minimum threshold which is $10 as stipulated in AdSense policy.

A PIN verification code will be sent to your address through the post services before you can be able to receive your first payment.

The pin when sent reaches you within the duration of 4 weeks but (sometimes it stays longer than 4 weeks).

Depending on your address location and post service.

Sometimes many people don't receive the pin do to slow delivery speed of some post services.

If you have requested for a pin and you did not receive it then you have to request for a new pin to be sent.

But before you request for a new pin make sure you review your address and make correction where necessary.

How to request a new address verification PIN:

Login your AdSense dashboard

Open navigation panel
Click on ‘Settings’ >> open Account Information.

At the account information page click on ‘Resend PIN’.

Or from your AdSense dashboard click on verify pin.

How I verified my Google AdSense PIN with my International Passport.

Click on resend.

How I verified my Google AdSense PIN with my International Passport.

AdSense will mail you a new verification pin.

If you have requested for a pin for more than three occasions and did not receive the pin.

Follow below steps to verify your AdSense account using your international passport, driving license or any other Id card.

Step 1: First scan your international passport, driving license, voters card etc on a computer or phone.

Step 2: Convert the verification material (image) to a PDF format because using an ordinary image won't work.

AdSense verification process can only be done when the image is in pdf form.

Use this image to pdf conversion tool to convert your scanned image to pdf.

Step 3: Login your AdSense dashboard
>>> Click on notification option Action

How I verified my AdSense PIN with my International Passport.

>>> Open the notification to verify your address. Click on More.

How I verified my AdSense PIN with my International Passport.

Upload your passport and fill other informations like you Adsense publisher Id name etc click submit.

How I verified my AdSense PIN with my International Passport.
Now within 3 working days, you will receive a mail from AdSense team they will mention that you no longer need a PIN to verify your address, it means your account has been verified with your id proof.

Done enjoy.

How to Create a Free Blog on Google (101)o

How to Create a Free Blog on Google (101)o

Today I want to emphatically write about a blog and how to create a free blog on

Blogging was not considered a big thing until about last past half decade.

Blogging began to gain ground, people began to see the usefulness of blogging and the use and the valuable pieces of information blogging can bring.

Then the evolution of blogging as the next big thing chipped in for various startups.

Businesses, establishments, companies etc began to utilize the blogging platforms and social media channels as a means for reaching the masses and promote their products and services virally on the web (internet).

Comprehensive Importance of blogging to businesses and establishments.

1: Blogging helps small businesses and start-ups to generate 126% more leads.

2: When brands publish interesting contents on social media they will gain more people.

Interesting contents are the two top reasons people follow brands.

3: more than 30% of companies and marketers believe that blogs are the most important form of content marketing.

4: Over 75% of users and customers trust pieces of information, advice, and review from blogs.

5: Around 90% of users or customers find blog contents reliable and useful.

6: More than 60% of customers feel a company's positivity and credibility after visiting their sites.

7: Many customers today prefer to enjoy reading useful, relevant contents from companies and brands.

8: Around 75% of users or customers learn or gets pieces of information about companies through articles and blogs than through ads.

Recently I got a question from a friend, he asked me, what's the meaning of blogging, blogger and how to create a blog.

So as am solving his problem here I believe there a lot of newbies who don't really know what blogging means and how to create a free blog on

In this article, I will be teaching you how to create a free blog site on which is very easy to create.

I will also be teaching how to earn money on Google BlogSpot (Blogger) without any investment.

Let's see what blog and Google BlogSpot (Blogger) means.

How to Create a Free Blog on Google (101)o

Blog means?

A blog is a regularly updated web page, website or web-based diary or journal that allows you to share your ideas and thoughts in a written form.

You can add images, videos, music, read comments and leave a comment on it etc.

The blog can be written in a formal or conversational style and can be updated typically by an individual or small group.

The updates done a blog is called a POST.

The Blog posts updated regularly can be based on a particular topic or different topics depending on the niche been covered on the blog.

The latest post or last post updated on a blog appears on the top of the other blogs posts.

This because blog posts appear in descending order or reverse chronological order.

Who is a Blogger?

A Blogger is a person who regularly writes posts, articles or materials for a blog.

So if you create your own blog and starts posting articles or posts on your blog you'll be referred to as a Blogger.


Blogging simply means the act of writing and publishing a post or article for a blog.


The blogosphere is like the (blogging World for) online community consisting of bloggers and blog.hhh

Types of bloggers

We have different types of bloggers which can be divided into 5 types recognized according to today's existing technologies and trends.

1: Hobbyist bloggers

These are the group of bloggers who do blogging just for fun.

Their blogging life is like a hobby for them, their blogging works are mostly based upon their personal musings etc.

Hobby blogger doesn't earn money from their blogs and they hardly spend up to 4 hours a month blogging.

2: Part-time professional bloggers

These are bloggers who have a primary job they do, but use blogging to supplement their income.

For instance, a blogger may have a company he or she is working for but also spears out time for blogging and earn money through it.

3: Full-time professional bloggers

These are the group of bloggers who have taken blogging as their full-time job and earn money through blogging as their primary source of income.

4: Corporate bloggers

Corporate bloggers have blogging as part of their full-time job.

Some of them work full time for companies or organization as bloggers.

This type of bloggers makes up to more than 8% of total blogs.

5: Entrepreneur bloggers

These are bloggers who blog for their own company, these people own the company they blog on.

They use blogging to achieve different aims especially the startup entrepreneurs.

People doing this type of blogging make up almost 13% of total blogs.

Many people start up a blog for different purposes.

Some of these reasons are.

  • For purpose of promoting or marketing a business online.

  • For making money online from blog advertisements.

  • For showcasing their writing skills to the World.

  • Engaging on a social course.

  • Professional networking.

  • For the purpose of giving out useful and valuable pieces of information.

Difference between Blogger & BlogSpot.

Blogger and BlogSpot are owned and run by Google.

Blogger is a free blog post publishing platform while BlogSpot is a free domain hosting service provider.

Blogger is an independent entity but BlogSpot is a dependent entity that relies on Blogger in other to function.

So since these two Blogger and BlogSpot is a free service platform, people can easily create their own blog on ( to make money without making any investment.

Advantages and disadvantages of using Blogger for blogging.

Advantages of using Blogger.

  1. √ Blogger platform is easy to create and use when compared to other blogging platforms like WordPress.

  1. √ Blogger platform is provided by Google and its usage for blogging is for free.

  1. √ It has a lot of customization options.

  1. √ Blogger can easily be integrated with other Google products and services they offer like Google AdSense

  1. √ Fast indexing by the search engine like Google. The Blogger blog posts appear on search result pages of Google search engine within 24 hours of publishing a post.

Disadvantages of using for blogging.

  1. have fewer plugins and theme options.

  1. Using Blogger for blogging requires regular updates or else you will be losing traffic.

How To Create Free Blog on

We are going to use the top marketing agency called Media-Top for creating our free blog in this tutorial.

You can visit their website where they offer tremendous services to their customers at

The first step for creating a free blog on is to open a Gmail account.

If you don't have one, but if you have a Gmail account proceed with the one you have unless you want to open new Gmail accounts.

Step 1:

1. Go to on your phone or computer web browser.

How to Create a Free Blog on Google (101)

2. Click on Create an account.

How to Create a Free Blog on Google (101)

3. Fill out all the necessary details needed and click on Next Step.

How to Create a Free Blog on Google (101)

4. Once your Gmail account is created you will see a Welcome message.

Click on Continue to Gmail and you will be taken to your Gmail inbox.

How to Create a Free Blog on Google (101)

Step 2:

How to start a free blog on

1. To start your free blog, go to

How to Create a Free Blog on Google (101)

2. Click on Create Your Blog.

How to Create a Free Blog on Google (101)

3. Login with your Gmail account credentials. Your Username and Password and click Login.

At this step blogger will ask if you want to create a Blogger profile or Google+ profile.

How to Create a Free Blog on Google (101)

Chose to create with Google+ profile because Blogger profile has limited functionality.

How to Create a Free Blog on Google (101)

4. To create your free blog >> log into >> sign in with your Gmail account >> Click on Create New Blog.

5. Here you will fill the Title of your blog, add Address and select the theme of your choice (optional).

How to Create a Free Blog on Google (101)

And click on Create Blog. Sometimes naming our blog is one of the hardest things to do, like me when I first started creating my blog.
How to Create a Free Blog on Google (101)

My blog name was changed more than five times before I came up with this very one am using now.

So if your in this kind of situation you can use this blog name generator tool to create your blog title.

Step 3:

At this stage, you have successfully created your free blog on

The next thing is how to write a post for your blog.

1. On your blog dashboard or page >> click on Posts from the top left side menu. 
Then click New post to create a new blog post.

How to Create a Free Blog on Google (101)

2. Write your blog posts by adding text, add images and links you can use this proofreading writing tools to create your blog posts, after creation you copy and paste it on blogger and publish.

3. Preview button on the top right-hand corner of blogger new post layout is used to preview your posts before publishing them.

4. This is how the preview of the post will look.

Step 4:

This step is for choosing your blogger theme.

This the all-around design and the layout you want your blog to carry.

On your blog dashboard, we have many free blogger themes you can choose from or you can choose a theme from a third party theme providers like

Rashmi Design provides all kinds of free and premium themes without footer credits on them.

To select a theme from your Blogger dashboard.

1. Click on the Theme menu button on the left side menu list.

How to Create a Free Blog on Google (101)o

2. Then select the theme of your choice from the many available options.

How to Create a Free Blog on Google (101)
Preview the theme to see how it will look before applying.

Step 5:

How to make your blog appear in search engines like Google and to blog visitors.

1. Click on Settings menu button >> click on Basic.
How to Create a Free Blog on Google (101)

2. >> click on Edit Privacy settings.

3. You will be asked, Add your blog to our listings? And let search engines find your blog? Answer Yes to both questions and click on Save changes.

How to Create a Free Blog on Google (101)

Now your blog is live and can be found by search engines and blog visitors.

Step 6:

How to create an About Us page.

About Us, the page is where you let people and search engines know what your blog is all about.

1. Click on the Pages menu button on the left side menu list.

2. Then click on New Page.

How to Create a Free Blog on Google (101)

3. Enter the Title (About Us) write about us content and click Publish.

Step 7:

Choose the image that will appear on your blog head called Header Image.

You can use the canvas tool to design your header image for free.

Read How to make money online blogging using Affiliate Marketing.

1. From your blog dashboard click on the Layout menu button on the left side.

How to Create a Free Blog on Google (101)

2. In the Header area, click on the Edit.

3. We have to options for choosing Header image, either choose a file from your computer or insert the image URL.

How to Create a Free Blog on Google (101)

4. Click on Save after uploading your Header Image.

Step 8:

How to Insert sidebar links.

1. Click on the blog Layout menu button in the left menu list.

How to Create a Free Blog on Google (101)

2. Under Sidebar Top or Bottom, click on Add Gadget.

How to Create a Free Blog on Google (101)

3. In the pop-up window, scroll down to Link List and click on the Plus Sign.

4. Fill out the details in the form that pops up, click Add Link and Save.

5. When you preview the blog, you will see the Sidebar link on the left side.

Step 9:

How to insert images on a post

1. Open your post in Edit mode and place the cursor at the spot where you want the image.

2. Click on Insert Images in the toolbar.

How to Create a Free Blog on Google (101)o

3. If you are uploading images from your computer, click on Choose Files and select the required image file.

How to Create a Free Blog on Google (101)

4. You can preview the post with the image before publishing it.

How to Create a Free Blog on Google (101)

Step 10:

How to Embed a YouTube video in your blog post

1. Find the YouTube video of your choice and click on Share at the bottom right.

How to Create a Free Blog on Google (101)

2. Copy the shareable link that pops up.

How to Create a Free Blog on Google (101)

3. Go back to your blog post in edit mode and click on the Add/Remove Link

4. In the box that pops up, enter the text and URL for the YouTube video you want to post.

Click on OK.

How to Create a Free Blog on Google (101)

Alternative method –

1. Another way of posting a YouTube video is by directly clicking on the Insert a video

How to Create a Free Blog on Google (101)o

2. Using the pop-up box search and select the video of your choice.

How to Create a Free Blog on Google (101)
3. Update your post.

You can explore other functionality of your new free Blogger blog.

The more time and research you make the more familiar you get with blogging on

If you still have any question you can ask it through the comment box.

Do also share on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn etc.

Read how to become a successful blogger and make money.