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Make Money Online by Listening and Rating Musics.

Make Money Online by Listening and Rating Musics.

This for music lovers who loves to listen to music, but this time you don't just have to listen to music but instead you will be paid for doing so.

All you have to do is listen to music and write reviews about your opinion on the music and in return you earn money doing so.

Some companies advertising agencies and some other individual music makers need people who can listen to their music, write reviews on it based on their own opinion.

Your opinion, reviews you write helps them to know if their music is on track and fit for their project or if it might need some improvement.

Making Money on Listen and Rate Music is Suitable For -

People who loves to listen to music.

Make Money Online Listening and Rating Musics.

Skills Required -

1. Ability to write excellently and also have good communication skills.

2. Being able to clearly write and present your opinion of the music in clear and crystal manner.

How To Get Started -

You have to signup on the following genuine and legitimate sites as music lovers:

1. in Slicethepie your paid to give your feedback on tracks, clothing and lots more which goes directly to help artists, brands record and labels make decisions.

They have about


2. Musicxray has three categories to select from when you wants to signup which are:

1. Am a Music Artist

2. I am a
Music Fan

3. I am a Music
Industry Professional

What they do for the three categories are:

They help musicians do three things.

  • Get deals.
  • Get fans.
  • Get better.

They help industry professionals do two things.

  • Find high potential music & talent.
  • Find opportunity-appropriate music & talent.

They help music fans do one thing.

  • Discover new music and talent targeted to their taste.

They do that by alerting the fans whenever they have new music the fans might like and the person gets compensated for their time and attention.

3. was founded in the year 1974 by Larry Heller for over 3 decades now and have been on track since then, they pay you for listening, rating, reviewing music.

Expected Earnings -

Most of the Music research companies are based in U.S, their aims is to study everything about Artists and popular music news.

The U.S based members are eligible to win monthly prizes which includes: DVDs, CDs, & MP3 players for rating of new musics.

Members can also win prizes by participating in special surveys, events and contests. The prizes are shipped to your P.O Box monthly.

Apart from the monthly prizes won the payments one gets from rating and reviewing musics are not the much.

But with it you can earn few dollars now and then but you can make a living out of it.

But is a good way of earning extra bucks and use it to supplement your free times.

Make Money Online doing Research Assistant job from home

Make Money Online doing Research Assistant job from home

Do you know one can make money online by doing  Research Assistant job? yes is possible.

Then let's look closely on how possible this is.

What does a research assistant do?

Just like in Secondary School  we have Research Assistants to the Lab Director.

The work lab research assistant does “ is to helps  carry out researches on a particular topic or project in a lab” after the research he or she find answers, compiles notes and datas which will best explain what the research is all about.

But on this article am not talking about Secondary School research assistant or any school level research assistant, that people get hired  in schools to do no,

am talking about doing online Research Assistant job at home and earn money through it.

So what does an online Research Assistant do?

An online research assistant is a person who is hired by a company or organization to help them conduct researches, collect datas from the research and present it on a clean, neat manner.

The data/informations collected by the research assistant helps the organization to find answers and solution to their questions or queries.

The reason for the employment of a research assistant is because most companies, organizations, businesses, scientists, market research agencies media companies need this datas for their decision making, projects, and strategy planning etc.

But in most circumstances this organizations don't have enough time and human resources to carry out this research and collect datas by them self,

hence the frequently hires research assistants to help them carry out the job while they gets paid in return.

Make Money Online doing Research Assistant job from home

Making money through research assistant is Suitable For -

For people who can effectively and comfortably carry out researches and also willing to learn new things.

Skills Required for research assistant job -

1. Must be able to carry out adequate research on the web, collect needed datas and summarize it into easy to absorb report.

2. Being able to figure out the important points and having great insights on the needed details.

3. Must be good in writing and also good in English language.

4. Must have good logical reasoning and critical analysis skills.

5. Must be able to solve problems creatively.

How To Get Started research assistant job -

The best and the most effective way to become a personal research assistant is to register and submit your application at

What is

AskWonder is a research company which offers personal research services to entrepreneurs, professional businesses,

For the purpose of saving the time people or organizations spends on making the researches themself, by providing for them detailed, well analysed answers to their questions.

How AskWonders work?

1. To join AskWonders company you must first of all fill in your applications here

2. When you apply and your application is accepted, then move to your AskWonder dashboard and chose the research assignment that your interested on the most.

3. Then make researches on the topics you have chosen, lookup for answers, summarize them into easy to read and understand report.

4. Finally submit your work on AskWonder and make money

How much money will you make at AskWonder? -

1. Most of your earnings on AskWonder will depend on the number of assignments your carries out.

2. The hardness or complexity of the question asked, which means the harder or easier a question is determines the pay you gets from it.

3. But on normal and general pay for questions on AskWonder is between $8 - $16 per hour while some top researchers earns up to $35 per hour and makes $2000 per month.

Read and share the post, theirs love in sharing.

Wednesday, March 21

Make Money Online by doing Social Media Moderation

Make Money Online by doing Social Media Moderation

I want to talk on how to make money online doing Social Media Moderation for companies and brands.

Many big brands and companies runs multiple social media accounts.

This accounts helps them to stay connected to their customers, helps them to receive feedback from their customers or to resolve their problems.

But when the change of growth comes in this social accounts it becomes cumbersome for this companies to handle and manage effectively this social media customer accounts, customers generated contents like comments, feedbacks, questions etc.

This is where this adage comes in necessity is the Mother of invention.

Because this many accounts can’t be managed effectively again they invented Social Media Moderation.

What’s Social Media Moderation?

Social Media Moderation is a process by which companies or brands who runs multiple social media channels pays people (employees) to monitor and manage the multiple social accounts for their customers to make sure their customers generated content are in order and appropriate.

Making Money with Social Media Moderation is Suitable For -

To make money with social media moderation is suitable for people who loves and runs social media platforms daily.

This will help you to know a lot on how the different social media platforms we have operates and help you to carry out your work effectively.

Also read: Other genuine ways of Making Money Online.

Make Money Online by doing Social Media Moderation

Skills Required for Making Money on Social Media Moderation -

1. You have to be able to review, follow instructions and effectively classify the nature of user generated content.

2. Ability to provide in depth insight and review moderated social contents.

3. Have working space and being independent and able to execute the projects before the time given runs out.

How To Get Started -

We have many genuine Social Media Moderation companies we can work for from home, but let's look at the most genuine ones, let’s start with. to join this social media moderation company you have to submit your crisp thinking application here.

Crispthinking gives you the ability to work from home 24/7 with no specified time but you have to work at least 15 hours per week.

They pays $10 - $15 per hour depending on the effectiveness of your work and expertise.

99 Dollar Social: 99 Dollar Social offers frequent job opening for content specialist and as of now am writing this post they have job opening so you can apply. : They have regular job opening  but you have to have much experience about social media platforms. at ModSquad you have the freedom to work from home or any location you wants and make money in return.

You have the control of your work at ModSquad and can be working there and be doing any other job you have at hand.

They provides digital services to top brands in media and organizations and technology of every type, from agencies to Fortune 500 companies.

Yelp: Yelp hire social media managers regularly but they hire people from specific areas which you can find on their Job listing under Community when you login to their website. frequently hires people for social moderation based on contract.

Alchemic Dream: They often hire work at home managers (WorldWide) this is to help moderate social medias and  forums account in gaming industries. Knowing two or more languages is an added advantage.

BabyCenter : they offer full time contract jobs and it's also a work at home moderation company.

BazaarVoice : BazaarVoice occasionally hire “content analysts” within  US to work remotely.

The work of the content analysts is to moderate user generated content across BazaarVoice's client websites.

eModeration : they usually likes to hear from their moderators and you can apply through e mail.

Ignite Social Media : they offer work from home community managers for clients within US.

Lithium : this moderation company requires you to have past experience on social media platforms.

And hire moderators to work for enterprise companies.

Zynga : is an online game company, they hire moderators to moderate forums for their vast online games companies they manage.

ICUC: They provide job training and as such you don't need to be prior experience before you apply for job at ICUC.

And they hire people from America (US) and Canada.

But not always hiring.

Social Media Manager School : if you wants to go into business yourself then you can join Social Manager School where you learn all about Social Media Moderation and starts yours eventually.

Monday, March 19

Make Money Online by Joining Amazon Associate Program.

Make Money Online by Joining Amazon Associate Program.

Let's look at another great way of making money online, today we will be discussing on how to make money online being an Amazon Associate or in other words being Amazon Affiliate.

What is the is a great e - commerce and cloud computing company based in Seattle, Washington USA, was founded by Jeff Bezos in the year July 5, 1994. is the largest internet retailer as measure by its market capitalization and revenue generation and second largest to Alibaba group in terms of total sales. just like every other great website started little by little, they started theirs as a bookshop.

Later diversified to selling of, Gift Cards, video downloads/streaming, MP3 downloads/streaming, audiobook downloads/streaming, software, video games, apparel, R Tracker devices, furniture, electronics food, toys, and jewelry, Kindle eBooks etc.

They also sells some low end products on AmazonBasic. has separate retail websites for the United States, Ireland, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Canada, Spain, Australia, Netherlands, Brazil, Japan, China, India, and Mexico.

In 2016, Polish, Turkish and Dutch language versions of the German Amazon website were also launched.

Amazon also offers international shipments of some of it’s products and services to some other countries.

What is the Amazon Associates Program?

Since we have explained what is, let's look at what Amazon Associate Program is.

Amazon Associate Program is an Affiliate marketing program which offers bloggers and website owners the opportunity to create links to their product and services and earn referral commissions when somebody buys the products through his or her Amazon Affiliate link.

Make Money Online by Joining Associate Program.

To Make Money Online at is Suitable For -

1. To make money on Amazon website is suitable for people who can write wella, like to share their knowledge and expertise to other people in the World and knows how to explain things in details.

2. Is best suitable for people who has website or blog or have strong social presence and gets some daily traffic.

Skills Required for making money on -

1. Ability to write down your knowledge in a simple and understandable way.

2. Ability to make people concur to your persuasion and can rightful convince people through positive explanation and argument.

Time Required For Becoming An Amazon Associate -

The time require to become an Amazon Associate is about 2 - 5 working days.

But that should be after you have signed up to their affiliate program. 

To join go to the bottom and click Amazon Affiliate program join and start making money.

Then they will review and analyze your website to know if it reaches their acceptance requirement.

In the signing up process you have to provide your website name and url,

then wait for approval before you can start to promote their products and services on your website.

Once your website is approved, find the relevant product you wants to promote and put the product affiliate links on your blog/website.

Tips for Amazon Associates -

1. Search for relevant products -  Search for products which is relevant and related to your website, blog content and audience.

This is because the more relevant the product is to your website or blog content or to your site audience the more chances to sell.

By relevant product here l mean promoting products thats related to your blog niche or website niche.

For instance: if your promoting Pet Supplies on a website that is niche is all about “Fashion” then it's unlikely you makes any sale on Amazon.

But if you promote products like clothes & accessories, jaweries, books, beauty, Handbags and shoes etc. You will see great success on your sales.

2. Place affiliate links inside your content - next step is to place some simple affiliate text links inside of your blog or website post or article, this is the most effective way to make people click on your affiliate links.

This because people trusts and like links inside a post than links in any other place within a blog.

Placing the links inside your posts will make them click on the links.

3. Link product images to Amazon - Images are very relevant in grabbing your visitors attention.

You can do this by placing high quality product images into your blog from Amazon affiliate.

This will attract people to click on it and importantly Amazon made it possible for people to promote any product on your blog using high quality images from their affiliate links.

4. Write a product review article - You should apply the method of writing great product reviews, explaining all the functionality of the product. this is another great way of getting high click through rates and sales.

In doing product reviews,make sure it’s of high quality write up and that what you're writing about is true and unbiased.

Don't let the people think your trying badly to persuade them to buy products that don't worth it.

A high-quality review should answer all the questions and clear reservations or confusion any potential buyer might have.

A good quality product review should cover this areas l mentioned above.

5. Send people to Amazon - using your affiliate links send people to, one great thing with Amazon is that they knows how to convert visitors to buyers.

When you send people to Amazon, you don't need to follow them or monitor them with ads no Amazon will handle all that.

Your work is just send them to Amazon through your affiliate link.

The great thing about this is when somebody visits through your link you get a percentage of anything they buy for the next 24 hours and another commission for (30 days if they added any item to their cart) through your affiliate link.

For instance if somebody clicked on your “Fashion” affiliate link and visits and buys Playstations 4 within 24 hours you'll get commission for the Playstation 4 sales even though you didn't promote it directly.

6. Build loyalty and trust - One of the greatest factors that will boost your sales on is your visitors Loyalty and Trust towards your website and you.

Most of the sales you will make will come from your loyal and repeated readers of your blog posts.

This are people who connects with your work ( website or blog ) on a regular basis with time they begin to trust you and your website.

So when you make recommendations and reviews they will likely accept your advice than somebody they don't trust.

How To Make Money on (Monetization) -

Monetization process on Amazon is similar to other ways of making money online which i have been writing about.

When somebody buys products or services through your affiliate links on Amazon, you gets commissions for it and the more they buy the more money you make.

The payment and transaction processes will be handled by Amazon so no need to worry.