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How to  force Social & Local detection/connection of Social media websites on your blog/website using meta data or script

How to force Social & Local detection/connection of Social media websites on your blog/website using meta data or script

On this article l wants to show you how you can force Social & Local detection of Social websites Using meta data or script which will make it easier to associate and connect all your online profiles both Local and Social in just a few lines using the code am going to expose to you down 👇 the writeup example

You can add other Social profiles but this are the once included in google search result for now. 

So whats the work of in this concept. is an  organization item sameAs allows “a school, Club corporation, NGO etc.” to “reference a Web page that unequivocally  indicate the items identity.

E.g. the URL of the item's  Freebase page, Wikipedia page or official website." Also specifying an address will help in finding you in online local directories. 
But if you're not running an organization it don't affect you either, because also covers websites that are represents you as brand,

which still makes it valid for you to use it to indicate that your website, local profiles and social go hand in hand. ( that's making everyone know that you own and run this websites, local profiles and social and that they all belong to you).

So lets look at the code example from which you can form your own Social and local detection of your Social website below. 

<script type="application/ld+json">{  "@context" : "",  "@type" : "Organization",  "name" : "EmpireTechx blog ",  "url" : "",  "sameAs" : [    "",    "",    "",    "",    ""   ],  "address": {    "@type": "PostalAddress",    "streetAddress": "24 Court Road ",    "addressRegion": "Onitsha",    "postalCode": "430001",    "addressCountry": "Nigeria"  }}</script>

With this code you can add more social and local profiles and also use this amazing tool owned by Wooranking website to automatically generate your own schema codes. using Woorank tool. 

how you can force Social & Local detection of Social websites Using meta data or script

How to configure the codes to suit your own websites.

To set the codes you have to change my own profiles to yours by entering all the social and local profile Informations you would like to add to your Schema meta script like ( Facebook, Yelp, Twitter, Foursquare etc) and can also leave any of them blank if you dn't have account with them or you can open one with any of them. 

  1. First enter all URL required: in http:// or https:// format. 
  2. Or you can CLICK HERE to use the tool to  automatically populate the URL of your website or name of your organization.
  3. Then Click “Copy to Clipboard”.
  4. Paste the copied code to your HTML code. It should be pasted at the body section of your website. 

How to verify that your schema metadata has been added to your website and detected:
how you can force Social & Local detection of Social websites Using meta data or script
Type this URL on your browser, at the end where is put in your own website URL and press enter. 

To verify that your schema has been detected:
  1. Click  “New Test
  2. Type in URL of your website.
  3. And “Organization” should appear
And your done! If you test it immediately after the implementation of the code and it did not detect it,  then allow for some munites for it to be updated. 
You can also check Google's Social Profile Links for more information and guildline. 

Friday, January 12

Easy way to recharge MTN, Airtel, Mobile9, Glo, VisaFone lines and check your airtime balance.

Easy way to recharge MTN, Airtel, Mobile9, Glo, VisaFone lines and check your airtime balance.

Sometimes we tend to forget the codes for loading recharge cards for prepaid lines, espicially when we buy the SIM card newly or it has been long we used it. 

So today l wants to teach you the codes for recharging all networks prepaid lines, to top up your line airtime thier are codes that you have to use, before inserting the recharge PINs that are usually coated in silver papers. 

So lets jump into the main purpose of this article right away and tackle all the networks recharge codes. 

how to recharge all nigeria network

Airtel Nigeria

Airtel Nigeria the Smart network is one of the most used network in recent times which has 16-digit codes number for their recharge cards PIN.
To be able to achieve this aim i.e to recharge your Airtel line using thier recharge PIN you have to use the following USSD order: *126*PIN# and then OK/Send. For Example, if the PIN is 3333 4444 5555 6666, input *126*3333 4444 5555 6666# and press OK/Send. To check your Airtel airtime account balance Dial *123#.
MTN Nigeria

MTN every where you go is a big network which has left thier mark in the heart of Nigerias. To recharge your MTN line we use the following codes USSD format: *555*PIN# and then OK/Send.

The MTN Nigeria recharge card PIN has 12 digits numbers, for  Example, if the PIN is 3333 4444 5555, dail *555*3333 4444 5555# and press OK/Send. To check your MTN line balance Text 8 to 131 or dial *556#.
9Mobile Nigeria

9Mobile  resently changed thier company name from Etisalat to 9Mobile but just like every other person in the country we will always sometimes call it Etisalat instead of 9Mobile. 

In order to recharge your 9Mobile line you have to use the recharge PIN by following this USSD format: *222*PIN# and then OK/Send.

The 9Mobile recharge card PIN has 15-digit PIN code, for example  if the PIN is 3333 4444 5555 666, input *222*3333 4444 5555 666# and press OK/Send. To check your recharge card balance dail *232#.

And you can also recharge somebody else line from you 9Mobile line maybe a friend or loved one just dail *222*PIN*Receiver’sNumber# from your own phone and press OK/Send, the receiver SIM card will be credited and also be notified of the transaction.
Glo Nigeria

GLO Nigeria has 15-digit PIN, to recharge your line you have to follow this USSD format: *123*PIN# and then OK/Send.

For example, if the PIN is 3333 4444 5555 666, input *123*3333 4444 5555 666# and press OK/Send. To check your GLO line balance dail #124#.

For Visafone recharge, you have to scratch the silver panel area on your recharge card to expose 14 digit PIN number. Then, dail the following on your phone: *889* followed by 14 digit recharge number. Press OK/Send/Yes to recharge (889* PIN SEND) OR Dial *888*  Listen and then follow the voice prompt, press 1 and enter your recharge card 14 digit PIN, then the # key. Your phone credit will be loaded automatically with the recharge card value and you will receive a text message confirmation of your recharge.

To check your Visafone credit balance, just Dial *775# Send OR Dial *888* listen to the voice instructions and press 2 and you are done. 

Thursday, January 11

Video lovers use VideoShow app to creat high class Videos, (Funny, Movie, short clips, Skit etc)

Video lovers use VideoShow app to creat high class Videos, (Funny, Movie, short clips, Skit etc)

I was shown this VideoShow app by a friend and l fell in love with it, is a video, picture, sound editing app, that you can use to create slideshow, Video edit, shoot a video, etc. 

After he used it to creat some slideshows and video edit stuffs he showed me and l really loved the app, it's just like what the movie industries use to shoot videos and do the video editing.

So based on my work l decided to exposed the good work of the VideoShow app developer to many people as possible through this blog. 

Whats VideoShow app all about?

VideoShow app is a video editing tool that you can use to creat all kinds of video be it funny, comedy, short videos including pictures and musics on the background with even (multiple music selection ability).

use videoshow app to edit your video to your test

The VideoShow app allows you to video instantly or use any video on your device and apply filters, Effects, Transitions, Multi-Music, Clip Edit, add Sticker etc, make it to look warmer or cooler or to have effects just like that of Instagram and can also apply multiple effects on the video. 

It audio can be changed to any music of your choice that will be playing on the background of the video you're shooting, and you can also increase or decrease the volume of the sound or remove it entirely. 

VideoShow app has so many great options which l believe you will love if you explore them one after another, after editing you video, you can save or export it with either the normal quality as the original video or Hd quality or you can compress it if the size is large for easy share and for it to occupy less storage space on your device. 

VideoShow app is a great and simple video editing tool that produce good quality result, and to help you make great changes to your favorite videos. 

download it here VideoShow app

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Latest Whatsapp update comes with the ability to listen to your voice message before sending it

Latest Whatsapp update comes with the ability to listen to your voice message before sending it

Whatsapp which is one of the most popular social instant platform for massaging around the World,  has always been updating and adding new features to keep it out among the rest. 

This time around with thier new update they have added the ability for one to listen to his or her voice message before it's sent out. 
This new update comes with the Whatsapp version.

 This latest version has solved one of the most recent problems we have using Whatsapp i.e ( record your vioce note and send it straight away without been able to listen to it, to make sure your message is as you intended to give it out).

And even when recording and incoming call enters your phone the process will be interrupted which means you have to restart the voice recording all over again.

Which Operating systems can use this latest update?

The Whatsapp latest update can only be use by the iOS devices for now, but it's expected that more update for it to be used in Andriod Smartphones will hit the Google Play Store as soon as possible. 

Latest Whatsapp update comes with the ability to listen to your voice message before sending it

And very importantly this update has also solved the interruption and deletion of voice message when you are recording and a call comes in, instead if deleting the voice note, it will be saved it automatically by default. 


Now, when recording whatsapp audio message, 
  You can receive a new WhatsApp (or system) call
  You can listen to the voice message
  You can close WhatsApp
  It will continue even if your battery is low
 You can forward/delete a message or you change chat/section in the process
  You can view an image, video, album. 

In these occasion, WhatsApp will save your voice message you're recording so you won’t lose it!


It's simple just go to iTunes and update your mobile WhatsApp with v2.18.10
Android users should be patient and hope it arrives pretty soon. 

Source; wizytechs
Why most people loves iPhone more than other phones.

Why most people loves iPhone more than other phones.

Do to the rampered usage of iPhones Smartphones espicially by the well doing citizens of this country as a measure of showing off thier high economic and social statues which has made the pretentious product so coveted. 

I decide to look into reasons why most people in Nigeria prefers to use the iPhones compared to Andriod Smartphones without minding it's dubious price tags,

the competition between iPhones and Andriods, which one is more used or owned by individuals has come a long way, most people would always love to own iPhone so that he or she will be seen as a higher class citizen.

But in reality many people loves to use iPhone because the are not really informed on the operating system of both, this because they are some Andriod phones that performs far more better than iPhone operating system. 

why people love iPhones

So lets look at the reason why many Nigerians loves to use iPhones.

 They just like iOS better than Android

Many people in Nigeria and some other countries likes iOS which is the operating system iPhone uses than the Andriod operating system, because of what people told them about iOS, that it's more better than Andriod operating system,

 this dur to the strong and solid public relation machine of Apple, thay have purely convinced us that iPhones is better than every other phones, but we have Andriods with big egde over iPhones some Andriod phones like Huawei Nexus 6P, Samsung Galaxy Note 7, Samsung Galaxy S7, HTC 10, LG G5 etc
 iPhones support all of the apps you want

Another instance is maybe because iPhones supports almost all the apps available, 

Which has made it possible for one to lookup for any app he or she is looking for and be able to fine it and it also has different useful variety of apps which are all used in iOS. 

 iPhones devices are durable

So many people believes iPhones are more durable than other phones, but if l should ask if this pretentious device overhyped? My answer would be yes.
iPhones are durable and last long and so is also Andriod phone, 

but the longivity and durability of the iPhone or Android phone depends on one the manufacturer that's talking about durability here, 

Two the longivity depends on the manufacturer and the end user. 

Just like in recent times Samsung has been really doing great work and has been competing seriously with iPhone. 

 iPhones are compatible with other Apple devices

Some loves iPhone much because it can easily connect and operate compatibly with other Apple devices, like iWatch, MacBook etc the connection is simple and seamless. 

In the other hand tring to connect Andriod phones to other Apple devices like iPhone or MacBook is too hard unless you follow some procedures as such it kills time. 

 iPhone is immune from virus and malware

Many people believes iPhone operating system can't be affected by virus and malware, but in real terms this not true becuase iOS devices can be affected by Virus and Malware espicially when connected to non-secured Wi-Fi network to download apps.

So do to this believe many people loves iPhones. 

 iPhones have better resale value

Let me put it this way iPhone devices has better second hand value than it's contapart Andriod phones, no matter how poorly used an iPhone device appears it can be resold at better price than Andriod. 

 To Show off

This one of the best reason why Nigerians like to use iPhones because they like to show off, by doing this they feel it will distinguish the high class from the low class citizens.

In 9ja been able to afford an iPhone even if you're using a fairly used one people will see you as a big (boy or girl) or big (Man or Woman) , because of the  higher price tag it cost (N400, 000) or more. 

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Easy way to remove any locked  widget from Blogger template

Easy way to remove any locked widget from Blogger template

In some third party Blogger templates like Bloggertemplates20, Ms design etc is difficult but not possible to remove some widgets from the Blogger Layout. 

During my neccissity to achieve this aim, l have found out 2 or 3 ways by which we can remove any widget at all from any blogger template.

Easy way to remove any locked  widget from Blogger template

But today am going to write this article based on the more simple one to follow then in my future post am going to declose the other methods, they are not hard like you may think all you need is for it to be exposed and you can apply it simple. 

By defualt when following the normal procedure of removing widgets from Blogger templates you will notice some of this widgets don't have the remove button, which then makes it impossible to remove unless you apply this trick am going to show you now. 

How to Remove Locked Widget in Blogger

To be able to remove any widget from Blogger template you must forst of all find out the unique Widget ID of the particular  widget you would want to remove,

To remove this widget go to  Blogger >>> Layout >>> Open the particular Widget which you want to remove.

But if you are using phone download one of the Best five HTML Source code editor app easy to use for Android.

Now a new window will popup, in the address bar look for widgetid =.

It always appears towards the end of your widget address.

For simplicity l have attached a screenshot below:

How to remove any widget from Blogger template

After finding the widget id copy it down any where for further usage in this tutorial.

Now go to Template >>> Edit HTML >>> Jump to Widget and then select the ID of the widget (which you'ev already copide down before).

How to remove any widget from Blogger template

After that it will take you to the coding of your widget, then you need to make little changes in the coding of your widget as give below. To make it more straightforward, change Locked="true" to "false".

Refer the below screenshot for more clarity.

How to remove any widget from Blogger template
Then click on Save Template.

Now go back to Layout and again open the locked widget,  And you will be able to see that the Remove button  has appear on the widget. Simply click on Remove button to remove the widget.

I hope this toturial is easy and simple to implement? but incase you encounter any issue just use the comment box below to notify me and l will reply with solution asap and also endevour to share the post to help your friends too.

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Happy Xmas and Prosperous New Year messages from all of Us in EmpireTechx blog.

Happy Xmas and Prosperous New Year messages from all of Us in EmpireTechx blog.

From all of us in EmpireTechx blog we are saying very big Happy Xmas and Prosperous New Year in advance. 
Happy Xmas and Prosperous New Year messages from all of Us in EmpireTechx blog.

To all my search engines and social media platforms Blogger, Google, Bing, Alexa, Ask, Amazon, Chitika,  Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, StumbleUpOn, Whatsapp etc.

To our loyal readers from all over the World we say Happy Xmas and prosperous new year, from America, Europe, Canada, China, Peru, Nigeria and all of Africa, 

United States





United Kingdom






Happy Xmas and Prosperous New Year messages from all of Us in EmpireTechx blog.

You have received 1 new special surprise message from ✨EmpireTechx blog ✨  
Touch this blue line  and see message 
👉 EmpireTechx-blog-

Am happy cos of U, Am happy cos u made it,Am happy cos U ar alive among the living to celebrate dis Xmas cos only me cnt celebrate alone..HAPPY XMAS, 

This message is dedicated to you and your family, the people who have given me love and tender care and most importantly the knowledge of life sharing and caring. May this be the best festive season you ever have in life. Have a "marry Xmas" and a prosperous new year.

Thank you all for been thier for us Amen.