Best five HTML Source code editor app easy to use for Android.

Best five HTML Source code editor app easy to use for Android.

When programming with the right tools it becomes a thing of fun.

here in this article l will be giving out 5 free Abdriod tools that are more effective and reliable for editing, writing, testing of source codes without pestering.

I know the use of Computer for doing the work is much easier but Technology is always creating a way to make things easier for everybody.

With this source editing tools you can be rest assured of doing your editing work at any where that you feel is convinent right thier on your phone without the need for a Computer System.

editing the source code

In the world today we have too many Andriod HTML app source editing tools around but the big question is (will this app do the work for me effectively without wasting your precious time for nothing) just like in The Google Play Store  we have different uncountable apps all for your coding needs – code editors, compilers, and development environments, just to name a few.

This apps varies from each other with different features, working ability and drawbacks which makes selecting the right tool more difficult but l have compile the best  top 5 code editors for Android for you that can help you code, edit, compile and run your source code on the move.

1. Quoda
Quoda app is unarguably the best among the free multi-langauge code editor for Android.

It has alot of powerful features that a software programmers will need but also easy source code editor to use.

It has alot of built in features like sytax highlighting, auto-suggetion, line bookmarking, auto-indentation.... 

Which makes the app a very good productive enhancing functional [Get it here]

qouda Html source code editor

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2. DroidEdit
DroidEdit is a text writer and source code editor with a pure clean and tidy interface.

Has multi-langauge support, easy built in features to make you do and achieve your aim easily and efficiently.

It works best for Android devices just like NotePad++ works for desktop operating system. - this means the DriodEdit can function or used to modify and open simple text files and also to open and modify source code files of many programming languages.

DroidEdit gives syntax highlighting that incorporates guide for more than two hundred languages, and many built-in issues in addition to an option to create custom color issues. writer mode turns off the auto-correct and switches at the spell-checker. Emmet may be used to increase simple expressions into full-fledged HTML code. other features consist of line wrap, seek and update, extra keys on your keyboard for quicker code typing and even guide for modifying device documents in your rooted tool.

DroidEdit has help for downloading and importing documents from faraway storage providers. you could add and download files from (s) FTP servers. It even supports analyzing and writing to cloud storage carriers inclusive of Dropbox, Google drive and box. moreover, it has a rare characteristic of integrated assist for Git that lets in you to checkout, edit, dedicate and push at once out of your phone or tablet. [Get it here]

driodedit Html source code editor

3. AWD
Android web Developer (AWD) is a simple yet feature-rich integrated improvement environment. It lets you code and develop web projects the usage of your Android smartphone or tablet. you may use it to edit and code HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Hypertext Preprocessor as properly. It comes with complete-display screen mode and pill-ready consumer interface that improves the general coding revel in.

AWD is a easy yet effective code editor for writing or enhancing the source code of your assignment’s documents. It helps diverse productivity features along with code highlighting, code final touch, mistakes checking, code beautifying, fast navigation, seek and replace among different matters. It even gives a brief preview of your net pages in the utility.

AWD helps managing far off tasks effortlessly by using offering many quick methods to reach your project. It lets in you to paintings with neighborhood in addition to far off documents. you could upload and download documents fromFTP, FTPS and SFTP servers. To top it off, it even supports WEBDav for having access to and storing your internet tasks.[Get it here]

awd Html source code editor

AIDE, which stands for Android IDE, is a complete incorporated improvement surroundings for Android development.

It lets you code and increase Android packages proper on your Android device without the want of a computer machine.

You may additionally discover ways to increase Java and Android packages. Programming classes are interactive with step-via-step instructions, which help amateurs to without difficulty learn the competencies of app improvement for Java and Android structures.

AIDE helps you to increase Android apps, Java apps or PhoneGap apps the use of Java, C/C++, HTML5, CSS and JavaScript.  Visual fashion designer lets you visually layout the person interface of the app with out the want of writing XML code.

There’s additionally the function-rich editor which comes withcode of completion, real-time error checking, refactoring, and smart code navigation. It offers a one-click on technique to bring together and run your mission.

AIDE is compatible with the popular desktop IDEs for Android – Eclipse and Android Studio. because of this it can open and run projects created with the given computing device IDEs and vice-versa.

It is able to integrate with Dropbox for uploading and downloading documents from the popular cloud garage. great of all, there’s assist for Git, and it is able to edit, checkout, devote and push documents directly.[Get it here]

aide Html source code editor

5. CppDroid
CppDroid is a easy yet powerful included development environment for C and C++ improvement.

It is a sparkling baked software, which brings the GCC compiler to Android. It lets in you to code, edit, assemble and execute C/C++ programs in your Android device with none difficulty. It comes with diverse demos or exercise packages, which let you study the fundamentals of programming in C and C++ languages.

CppDroid offers an intuitive code editorthat comes with various functions for productive coding. Syntax highlightingis clever enough to spotlight numerous parts of the program, and offers an choice for configurable themes. different features consist of auto-indentation, code-finishing touch, real-time diagnostics(warnings and errors), document and tutorial navigator, and terminal emulation to run your compiled packages.

CppDroid helps Dropbox – the famous cloud garage company. It integrates withDropbox to offer you with the functionality of importing and downloading from the cloud garage. There’s additionally an intergrated add-on manager with vehicle-replace feature, that is used to down load and installation accessories for this software. [Get it here]


How To chose the best tool:

To chose the Best source code editor among this best 5 depends on the type of work you are tring to do with the app but l bet you all of the tools listed here is of high efficiency and effective to use any time any where.
Incase you have any questions you can use the comment box down 👇 here and l will put you through. 
Why you should  add Alexa ranking Widgets on your blog

Why you should add Alexa ranking Widgets on your blog

Alexa is a very popular web traffic monitor and web ranking system.

It is a well known ranking and monitoring system which so many people am sure have heard about. Alexa is an awesome tool that is work is to monitor website traffic and to analyze many blogs, it uses the data collected to analyze the ranking of each blog/websites.

Alexa is a popular tool which makes it possible for you to know the ranking reports, traffic anlaysis, total links and is also able to give your website/blog ranking based on how popular it is in your country and in the World at large. For you to check your web/blog stats you can easily do that visiting Alexa official site.

To be ranked by alexa  is a good move for every blogger or website owner which will help in promoting your blog/website to the next level.
In my blog l have this Alexa ranting install in my widget area this ranking stats help you to know how far and how well you have done and encourages you to put more effort to your elbew. 
How to easily add Alexa ranking Widgets

In this article am going to deal with How to add Alexa widgets to your blog. 

The Alexa help in gattering site metrics of a blog or website and uses it to rank it globally or locally. 
The lower your alexa rank to higher your site reputation. There are many ways of boosting alexa rank but we are not discussing that now. You want to make your blog look professional? Add alexa rank widget.

Embedding alexa widget on a blog helps alexa to monitor the exact amount of visitors coming to your blog. I started using this alexa widget recently and l have seen some improvement on my blog alexa ranking traffic.

So if you have not added this helpful alexa widget to your blog l recommend you to add it as it will be of great help and Importance to you.  

How to add Alexa widget to your blogger. 

Login to your blogger dashboard >> Goto to the layout tab >> Add a new gadgets in your sidebar or footer. Now paste one of the below alexa ranking widget codes in it.

To make it easier for the alexa rating widget installation, I decided to add the direct code of the widget below.

1. To show your Global alexa ranking with total site links use the below codes.

<a href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank" ><script type="text/javascript" src=""></script></a>

2. To show only country alexa rank.

<a href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank"><script src="" type="text/javascript"></script></a>

3. To add invisible alexa rank widget to a blog

<a style="opacity:0" href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank" ><script type="text/javascript" src=""></script></a>

The invisible scripts will not make your alexa traffic ranking visible to your visitors but will still perform it's function.
Replace with your domain URL.
Do not add http to this codes, just your blog's url ( Ex. ).

Now Click Save, refresh your blog and seealexa rank up and running. We have successfully added the alexa rating widget to a blog.


In some instances alexa ranking widget may show no ranking, that means your website has not been noticed my alexa ranking tools

.Gone are the days when alexa website ranking is free, now if they don't rank your blog themselves, you will have to subscribe to themRed light?? Don't be scared, I have discovered a walk-through to get your site ranked by alexa without subscribing. on my next post l will creat an article on how to subscribe to alexa free of charge. 
We love comment you can use the comment box below to air your view or ask any question concerning this alexa ranking and l will put you through. 
Simple way of removing Powered by Blogger Attribution on Blogger.

Simple way of removing Powered by Blogger Attribution on Blogger.

Simple way of removing powered by blogger attribution

On this article am going to write basically on how to remove the default Blogger Attribution named "Powered by Blogger" which appears on all defualt Blogger theme this is an attribute that's created inbuilt on the blogger platform. 

But not every body likes to see this attribute appear on thier blog (he or she). Although is a way of giving credit to the wonderful work done by Blogger. 

As a newbie usually you don't have problem or issues about this Blogger attribute appearing on your blog but as time goes by and you begin to gain more knowlegde and awareness on the business of blogging you may begin to look for ways to remove it. 

But this attribute can't be removed easily espicially by new ones because by default it's not easy to remove. 

This attribute is locked and can't be edited easily by newbies but on this article which l will be very brief on l will give you a simple script that you can apply to you Blogger HTML to remove this credit.  

Why Bloggers Don't Like Powered By Blogger Attribution

Just like a mentioned earlier at the begining as a newbie you may find it appearing cool and nice but as time goes by you may see it as having umprofessional entics.
The attribution widgets can be removed from the blogger layout but on this post l will show you how to remove it using a simple script.   


It's of uptimost importance that you always back up your blogger template on you device or system before you can emback on any edithing work on you blogger HTML so that if you makes a mistake on the process you can easily restore it back. 

How To Disable Powered By Blogger Attribution

Simple way of removing powered by blogger

=> Login to your blogger dashboard with your active blogger account
=> Click on Templates. (its just above settings under the lists of options at the dashboard)
=> A new tab will open. Then look at the top right corner and you will see "backup/restore". Click on it to create a backup of your template. After that, move to the next step.

=> Now click "edith HTML"
=> You are now in the HTML program page for your blog.
=> Look for the </head> tag (just click inside the code area and press ctrl + f to open the search dialog box, then type </head> and hit enter to arrive at the closing tag.
=> Now just above it, paste this code below

#Attribution1 {
display: none;
Simple way of removing powered by blogger

Then preview your blog by clicking the "preview template" up there. Then save and check your blog. The "Powered By Blogger" Attribution is gone.


With this simple steps l hope that the guide is useful? but if you still encounter any difficulty you can use the comment box below for your queations and l will give you the neccessary support you need asap. 

Also endevour to share with your friends using the share button (thiers love in sharing) and enjoy your blogging all the way. 
How to declare your Blogger (Blogspot)  Preffered Language.

How to declare your Blogger (Blogspot) Preffered Language.

This writeup will be focused on how to declare your prefered language on your blog using Blogger platform. 

This because it's very important for a blogger user to declare the Language with which Google Search Engine will identified is blog with for a better search engine Optimization and it will help search engine bots to identify your Language without digging deeper for your langauge detection. 

This important because it will speed up the time in which Googlebots crawls your blog. 

It's of great important to declare your prefered Language when you are using an International site or if you wish to use your blog in other langauges.

Unlike Wordpress which is also a blogging platform has built in langauge declaration tool which is automatically inserted into it but Blogger you have to go to the edit HTML of your blog template to declare the langauge you prefer by adding some codes. 

Which is why am writing this article. Moving on. 

How to declare your blogger Language

How to declare blog Langauge on Blogger
        (1)   Go to your blog’s dashboard.
        (2)   Go to ‘Template’ and then ‘edit HTML’.
        (3)   Now find the below code.
        (4)   Now add the below code just next to <html.

lang="en-US" xml:lang="en-US"
        (5)   Sample view of your template after adding the above code.

<html lang="en-US" xml:lang="en-US" b:version='2' class='v2' expr:dir='data:blog.languageDirection' xmlns='' xmlns:b='' xmlns:data='' xmlns:expr=''>
        (6)   Save your template and it’s done.

NOTE- In this article toturial l have used English langauge as an example in the illustrations above “English-US” if you blog in some other language, just replace “en-US” with your Country code. You can visit this site for other language declaration codes. ISO 639-1 Language Code List for different ISO language codes.
Why you should Download MyMTNApp for Andriod and IOS for easy management of your MTN line.

Why you should Download MyMTNApp for Andriod and IOS for easy management of your MTN line.

MyMTN App:   MTN Nigeria is looking forward and creating Innovative ways by which it's customer will be able to manage and perform some operations on thier MTN lines without the stress and need to contact MTN customer care, or visit any of their MTN offices or contacting officials. This a special Service offer from MTN. 

Download MyMTN App For Android and iOS - Manage Your Line Yourself

Just like MyEtisalat app MyMTN app is available for download on Android as well as iOS devices which comprises iPhone and iPad.

With this MyMTN app you can buy airtimes, topup aitime, buy data bundles, pay different bills...... etc. 
This an app that allows you to manage and take control of your MTN line with all it's features built in one place

With this MyMTNApp MTN has given it's subscribers much control over thier moblie phones services from thier you can access MTN services and be able to solve many issues without the aid of any MTN officials. 

This app is also a medium by which MTN gives out imformations about thier products and services at all time and all places all day long. 

Download MyMTN App For Android and iOS - Manage Your Line Yourself

What to enjoy on MyMTN App are

  • MyMTNApp gives you the access and easy of use to manage your MTN line whereever you go.This includes:
    • Activation of data plans
    • Check voice and data balance
    • View call history. e.t.c
  • It gives you access to key security codes like PUK number to unlock SIM card
  • Enables you to load airtime for a loved one remotely.
  • It is easy to use.

Download MyMTN App For Android and iOS - Manage Your Line Yourself


✔ For Android Users, download MyMTN App apk here
For IOS Users, download MyMTN app here

This MyMTNApp is a suppose download app for all MTN users for a better engagement and easy self service from MTN because it's numerious importance and usefulness can't be overide.
MyMTNApp: Get free MTN 100MB up to 1GB now on your MTN line.

MyMTNApp: Get free MTN 100MB up to 1GB now on your MTN line.

My lovely people MTN Nigeria is giving out 100MB of data for free which is blazing and is on point now. 

MTN Nigeria is giving out free 100MB data to all thier existing customers for the downlaod of their MTN official app called MyMTNApp but the most amazing thing is that you can use this MTN free data to download and browse the internet and do any other related online stuffs.

And this MyMTNApp free data is not based on cheat but it's an Official offer which is coming directly from MTN Nigeria network itself. 

The purpose of MTN giving out this free data is for the download of thier app but the app size is only 8MB so after downloading the app as MTN wish you are still left with 92MB with which you can chat and browse on Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram....... etc and also download any other app you would wish to download with it.


The activation process is easy and simple on your MTN line text Myapp to 131 via SMS and you will get a meassge saying

  •  Y'ello, your subscription is PENDING because you are yet to confirm your request. Please dial *560*1# to confirm your request.

and within some seconds 2 or 3 seconds you will recieve the free 100MB on your phone as am typing this article is the free data am already using in doing that.

Get free MTN 100MB data onmy MTN App

To check your data balance, just dial *559*4#

Sometimes, you may not receive confirmation message but the data is already there smiling at you.

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Yes as long as you are using MTN and you are thier existing customer you are already automatically eligible for this free 100MB data. 


Yes the 100MB free data can be accumulated to 1GB which is the more interesting part of this free offer. You can do this trick by just following this simple steps below 
Send myApp to 131 u'll receive a bonus of 100mb valid for 3 days

NB.MTN users only. If u get it then move to step 2

Now Send Stop MyApp to 131 and resend MyApp to 131

That's how to accumulate it.. Maximum of 1gig..

It will be wish if you play your games wise when you reach 1GB you should stop because tring to acquire more than that at once may lead to your MTN line been blacklisted my MTN network and thier's no proven solution on that for now. 

Sometimes you might get a message like this
Y'ello, your subscription to Myapp has failed. Please retry by sending Myapp to 131.

So follow the principles and enjoy while it lasts.

NOTE: This MTN free data valids for only 3 days so when you gets it make sure you use it before it expires. 

Have you tried sending myapp to 131 and gotten your 100MB of data if so endevour to share this post on social media so your friends too can get thiers cause thier's love in sharing. Enjoy. 
IMEI numbers for Tweaking your MTN line for MTN double data plan

IMEI numbers for Tweaking your MTN line for MTN double data plan

IMIEs you can use to tweak you MTN line

Down here are some of the IMEI numbers that you can use to tweak your MTN line for some free browsing cheats and cheap data plans. 

Whats Phone Tweaking? 

Andriod Smartphone tweaking is the ability of reseting or changing the original IMEI of the manufacturer that the smartphone came with to another entire IMEI number of any other phone you like eg:

You can tweak your Andriod Smartphone IMEI to Blackberry IMEI or from a low phone to higher phone version and vase vasa depending on the purpose on which you wants to tweak it. 

To learn more on how to tweak your Andriod Smartphone click here and if you have not Rooted your Andriod phone click here to do that using KingRoot app. 

With this MTN IMEI tweaking numbers you can get MTN 2GB for N500 or 7GB for N2000. 
With this cheat you will get double of any data plan you buys from MTN after tweaking your Andriod phone.
But before you can get most of this benefits you must have to tweak the IMEI of your phone and down here l have compiled for you working MTN IMEIs numbers that you can tweak your phone to so select any of the numbers and tweak it as they are all working fine. 
This are the IMEIs for tweaking your Andriod phone and if you want to know more on how to tweak your phone click here



If you correctly tweak your phone  IMEI, you will get a message like this from MTN.

Common questions people ask about this offer.

  • What of if l don't get successful message after tweaking my IMEI

Some times one may not get a successful message but you don't need to worry just after tweaking the IMEI switch ON your Andriod phone to flight mode then switch it OFF and dail this code *#06#  on your phone to see if the IMEI has been changed.

  • Will l able to get double data subscription on my MTN line after exhausting my current data subscription?

The answer is no for you to get another double data it means you have to tweak your Phone IMEI to another IMEI you can be selecting this IMEI numbers from here. As long as the Promo lasts. 

Latest Free Browsing cheat for  MTN, Etisalat, Glo, Airtel... July 2007

Latest Free Browsing cheat for MTN, Etisalat, Glo, Airtel... July 2007

Latest free browsing cheats MTN, Etisalat, Glo, Airtel etc
Free browsing cheat 


This new month and we have been looking for new things to make the month worth enjoying based on this we have put into place the latest free browsing cheats that is on board now MTN, Airtel, Etisalat, Glo.........

So am starting with Airtel network we all know Airtel network providers has been doing wonderful work making it possible that we enjoy browsing and surfing the internet cheaply.
With this Airtel free browsing cheat  you have to subscribe to a particular plan with just little amount of money but bet me it worth it after you begin to get what will come out of it.

This a new plan released by Airtel only for streaming and surfing YouTube videos, but am going to show you how you can use it to browse your device powering all apps on your phone. 

Latest Airtel cheat 2017

Firstly Dial *141*4# 
To subscribe, it's ₦100/150MB for 7days and ₦200/500MB for 30days. 

Between those subscription plans chose any one you want then after subscribing for the plan click here to download Psiphon Handler with which you will use to configure and power your phone.

After downloading, launch and configure it as shown below: 

Tick remove port 
Custom header: X-online-host 
Proxy server: 
Real proxy type: Default
Real proxy server: leave it blank 
Real proxy port: 80

After configuring this setting click one SAVE Button.  Then click Options and chose United States as the area. Then click on More Option and untick every box that is tick by default.

Then go back to Psiphon home screen and tap on Start. When you tap on it wait for it to connect within some seconds and you are through.

If you encounter any difficulty comment from the comment box below and l will put you through. 


Etisalat free browsing cheat has been on ground and still working, it's an Etisalat data plan which is 60MB daily  data plan but with this plan we can be able to bypass it and use it for free. 
This the procedures and steps for configuring this Etisalat free browsing cheat 

1) go to Google Playstore and download StarkVpn.
2) launch the application, then click on select location then choose any location/server you like. 
3)click on tweaks and select Etisalat
4) click on the red icon to connect. At first it may delay or show server full, just keep on reconnecting until it connects.


To activate this Glo free browsing cheat which can be configured and made possible using 

-firstly go to Google Play Store and download Starkvpn. Then download it.

How to configure Glo Free browsing cheat.

 Ensure you have your phone data connection set to Glo Sim card data and this Glo free browsing works only when you don't have money in your Sim card i.e 0.00k balance.

To configure the app open the application then click on TWEAK MENU  then select GLO

From here select the prefered server you like and click the RED POWER BUTTON,  to connect. 

In some cases it may show server full.  But keep changing the server and connecting. With this process it must surely connect the message is due to the bombardment of the server by many users. 
• Go to your phon settings
• Click on More options
• Tap on networks or cellular network (in some phone models)
• Select Access Point Names
• NAME: Geeknify
• APN: X_Ultra®
• Then click save.
 download and install anonytun vpn on google play store.
after downloading open it.
Click on Stealth Settings.
Turn on Stealth Tunnel.
Change Connection Protocol to HTTP.
Connection Port to 80.
Turn on Custom TCP/HTTP Headers.
 Click on Edit Custom TCP/HTTP Headers.

Now use below settings
Request method: POST.
Injection method: Normal.
Tick User-Agent.
Leave other boxes un-ticked.
Click on GENERATE,
 After this process save the setting and go back, click on connect and it will connect within few seconds and it has strong connection which is hard to disconnect and it's fast in browsing.


This the latest MTN cheat 2017.

Although there's no MTN free browsing cheat that's available on the MTN network for now but there's a trick you can use by tweaking the IMEI of  your phone and you will be getting double of any MTN data plan you subscribe to after the phone tweaking tricks you will get a successful message and then subscribe to any MTN data plan and you gets double the amount of data you subscribe to. 

For example 1.5GB for 1k, will give you 3GB instead of the normal 1.5GB... Click here  To read more about IMEI numbers for tweaking MTN lines.
This all we have for now, how do you see this free browsing cheats? endevour to subscribe and follow this blog for future updates on this post will always be done for better satisfaction and also remember to comment through the comment box below let know and see how workable this cheats are.